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The Craving

Dark Lust

Author(s): Jenika Snow

Dark Lust series

Payton has isolated herself from everyone and everything she has ever known after a vampire brutally killed her mother. Living in the mountains, away from civilization, is the only way Payton knows how to cope. When a storm blows through and she is snowed in, she won’t be alone for long.

An injured man shows up on her doorstep—a vampire. She discovers Kristofer isn’t a monster at all, but a man who has been a prisoner of his cruel brother for the last fifty years.

As Kristofer and Payton grow closer, an evil force threatens to split them apart. It isn’t until she comes face-to-face with her mother’s killer that she realizes she and Kristofer have more in common than she thought.


“Your pussy smells so sweet, Payton. It drives me wild.” He growled against my skin and the vibrations went straight to my nipples and clit. I felt them swell and harden further.

His finger went between our bodies again and he started to rub my clit in slow, measured circles. I gasped at the intensity that small act caused and closed my eyes as pleasure coursed through me. I let myself absorb what I was feeling, let my body and mind become one and just feel. His finger continued moving down and teased circles around my opening. He pressed in slowly and I felt the burn from his thick finger as it stretched my pussy. If this was how his finger felt I was in for one hell of a ride when his cock replaced it. He started to finger fuck me, pushing the thick digit into my hole and then bringing it out quickly. The sound of sucking wetness filled my ears and made me hotter.

“You feel so tight, Payton, so warm and hot.” He dragged his tongue up my neck and gently bit my earlobe. “I want you, so fucking bad.”

His crass language was my breaking point. I tore my shirt over my head and he got off of the couch to remove his clothing. There were no words needed, I could see the scorching desire in his gaze and I’m sure mine was a reflection of his. I felt the loss of his body heat immediately. My nipples puckered into tight buds, so hard they ached. My legs were still splayed open and I could feel the warm liquid of my desire slip out of my pussy and down the crack of my ass.

“You are so beautiful, so pink, so wet.” His gaze was riveted to my pussy and I felt a twinge of embarrassment at the thought of what he was staring at. No doubt it was glistening, swollen and red from my arousal.

When he started to remove his clothes my mouth went dry and my eyes widened. His shirt was the first thing to go, and when it did my pulse picked up. Rippling muscle covered his chest, ropes of sinew and tendons running just beneath the alabaster skin. His wounds were healed on his chest, but even if they had still been there I knew it wouldn’t have taken away from the beauty of his body.

His hands went to the button of his pants and he slowly removed them. He wore no underwear beneath them, and when they fell to the ground and I got a look at his fully erect shaft, my pussy clamped down tight. He had been impressive flaccid, but now, all hard and leaking pre-cum at the tip, he was monstrous. I was honestly frightened for a moment that he wouldn’t fit.

My gaze skimmed to the gnashes in his leg and I was pleasantly surprised that all that remained were raised pink scars. With more time, those too would be gone. He moved closer and I could see a small limp in his step. It was clear there was still damage beneath the surface.

I flicked my gaze to his, saw his eyes skim over my body. He stepped closer and ran the tips of his fingers over my arm and along the underside of my breasts. I would have never expected to see this kind of gentleness from a vampire, but then again, everything about Kristofer was like nothing I had ever known or thought possible. He teased my areola and I looked down to see the traitorous tissue tighten under his ministrations.

“You are so responsive to me.” He glanced up at me and I couldn’t help but shiver.

I grew bold, grew needy for him. I sat up, ran my hands up and down his thighs and then urged him closer. I stared at the thick, hard flesh in front of my face, saw the slit weep with clear fluid and leaned in. I ran my tongue across the head, tasting his strong, salty essence and wanting more. He groaned above me and I knew he liked what I was doing. I sucked the head in and ran my tongue along the underside of his cock. The thick vein that lay just under the skin pulsed beneath my tongue.

“Oh fuck, Payton. Your mouth feels so good.” His hands went to my head at the same time his hips jerked forward ever so slightly.

I hollowed out my mouth and tried to take as much of him in as I could. It was no easy feat and I could only get half of his cock into my mouth. I hummed in satisfaction when I tasted a spurt of his cum fill my mouth. Gripping the root of his shaft, I started to stroke what I couldn't suck. I ran my other hand up to his abdomen, felt the muscles of his six-pack flex and tighten under my palm, and sucked harder.

“Wait,” he grunted, his thighs shaking, his orgasm close. Just when I thought he would explode in my mouth, he pulled away. I panted and looked up at him. I licked my lips, still able to taste him.

He groaned. “When you do that I find it hard to control myself.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-926950-37-2
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 03/30/2011
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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