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The End of Tomorrow

Author(s): L.J. Holmes

One day you think you’ve got the best relationship ever and then Wham! Mr Wonderful hits you with a blind side. Who in their right mind tells their current partner that his ex-wife wants him to donate his sperm so she can have a baby? I mean…Really?

What’s a girl to do but lost her temper big time on the idiot? The man who stood head and shoulders above every other man she’d ever know suddenly developed feet of clay and apparently possessed not an ounce of gray matter between those perfectly shaped ears.

Okay, maybe running off into the woods wasn’t the best decision she ever made in her life, but it seemed like a good idea at the time…


“You can’t be serious,” she choked past the swollen lump of ice building in her throat. Did vocal cords freeze when the body gets sucker punched? She must remember to hold a séance and communicate with her long-departed aunt, one of the first women wrestlers in the country, and ask. Surely Aunt Stella would know the answer. Although, she reflected idly; the mind was such a great cushioner of bad news; she could not ever remember a time when Stella was at a lost for words…especially those that would singe the chest hairs off of saints, little children, and longshoreman.

To give him his due, he did look uncomfortable with the topic.

Well he should be!

The mere idea made her soul shrivel.

“And just how does she expect to perform this little miracle?” she asked derisively. “Are you to spend five glorious minutes with a Playboy and a Petri-dish?”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-77127-458-6
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 12/20/2013
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

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