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Summer Day Dreams

Author(s): Verity Norton

The moment he sees her picture, Sean McCullough is smitten. She is dancing in a field of wildflowers with daisies in her hair. She has long golden curls and the smile of an angel. There is only one problem. She is engaged to his Cousin Alex.
Sophie Weldon dislikes him the moment he opens his mouth. When her fiancé brings her to Canden Valley to meet his family, Sean is the only McCullough who does not greet her with open arms and a warm heart. Rude and unpleasant, and never missing an opportunity to insult her, it is clear that he does not want her to be part of the McCullough family. In truth, Sean’s dwelling on the fact that she’s a city girl and does not fit into country life is all an effort to curb his feelings for her. Resisting Sophie proves far more difficult than he had realized. With her spirited humor and genuine kindness, she melts Sean’s heart. When he sees her spinning around on an ice cream fountain barstool, he knows it’s hopeless. His only chance is to avoid her.


Chapter 1
He was spectacular. Alex McCullough Jameson. Dark brown hair, blue eyes, six feet tall, worked out at least once daily, a successful attorney at age thirty. And as kind and generous as could be. Sophie Weldon looked across the room at him, well aware of how lucky she was.
So what if he forgot to take out the trash on Thursdays and tended to toss his beer bottles in the garbage instead of the recycle bin. Nobody was perfect. But he was as close as they came, at least relative to the other men she had known throughout her life.
She rubbed her thumb over the ring on her third finger as if that would convince her that this was actually happening. It was all she had ever wanted—to get married and have a family of her own. A real family. Of course she had spent hours envisioning a white picket fence surrounding a cottage with a garden. Sometimes chickens, goats, and horses, and especially puppies had popped into the picture. But she would be content with a condo in the city.
“What?” Alex looked up from his papers that were strewn across the dining room table.
Sophie shook her head and grinned at him from the couch where she was busy grading papers. “Nothing. Nothing at all.”
“Right.” He looked down at his computer screen but quickly looked up again. “Okay, we can go.”
She held her breath as she cautiously asked, “Go where?”
“To Canden Valley.”
She leaped off the couch and twirled across the room to settle onto his lap. “You mean it? I get to meet your family?”
He groaned. “If you really want to.”
“I really want to.”
“Memorial weekend or beginning of summer?”
“Summer vacation definitely. It’s only a few weeks away. I have two and a half months off and we can stay for—”
“One week tops.”
She gave him her most persuasive look, the one she used when she wanted to go to the local ice cream shop for a root beer float instead of his preference—tiramisu at an upscale French café.
“Okay, two weeks, but I really can’t take off any longer than that, Sophie.”
“Deal. Second week of June?”
He nodded, but his attention had already returned to the computer screen. She slipped off his lap and went back to grading papers. She felt like a little girl who had won the best prize at the birthday party. She was going to meet her fiancé’s family for the first time. Not having come from a family with one parent and one child, he had no idea how gratifying it was for her to know that she was marrying into a big family. She was the luckiest person on the planet. Not only was she marrying a wonderful man, but she was finally going to have a real family.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781581245585
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 12/02/2013
Publisher: The Fiction Works

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