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The Finer Gentleman

Author(s): Icy Snow Blackstone

Tritomitian station owner Sarkin Trant has always known his great-grandfather was the illegitimate son of an Arcanian giarl, but he’s stunned when he learns a bizarre turn of events has made him the new Giarl of Craigsmere. With severe misgivings about leaving his home, Sar take son Hatch and Terran Katy and goes to claim his inheritance.

As Sar emerges into Arcanian society, his outspokenness, naivity, and provincial manners slowly but surely charm everyone around him, from the Craigsmere cook to the Margrave himself. He enthusiastically throws himself into taking over the late Lord Craigsmere’s duties, especially those of passing certain bills giving the lowest members of society more rights, while son Hatch finds himself fitting in with the younger nobility and discovering an intriguing love interest.

Though Sar’s political endeavors are succeeding, things aren’t going so well on the home-front as he spend more time away from Katy and more and more time at the government meeting house and attending dinners and social gatherings to gain support to get his laws passed. One of the people he meets in his outings is Meva du Thane, a predatory female intending to snare a noble husband. Only a giarl will do, and she sets her sights on Sar…but the scheme she concocts may prove be a disaster for everyone involved…

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ISBN (Print): 978-1-935048-82-4
ISBN (Electronic):
Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published: 07/01/2011
Publisher: Class Act Books

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