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The Harlot Goddess

Author(s): N. Onym

Her daughters will devour you…she will do worse.

She made a slave of the first man. Her name was Lilith. She committed great offenses against her gods with violent sex and black magik. When her gods punished her, she became something worse. What becomes of a shape-shifter that cannot die? A mother of shape-shifters, a mistress of serpents and devils, a devourer of men and the children of men…the Harlot Goddess .

Her legacy continues wherever night touches the Earth. The scent of your dreams arouses her. Her children are waiting for you to sleep.


That sky over you, that welkin that is Lilith is dripping in black. It is the glossa of Goddess. Like a drivel of black slime, it descends upon you. Slowly the black tongue of Goddess slithers passed parted black lips; slowly, as the serpent sidles its deliberate descent upon prey underneath. Like pitch tar become the body and flesh of something wicked, her tongue oozes down at you. It is forked and reptilian, elegant and slender, glistening with venom and voodoo. It is as a black water that seeks you out, while she lapses into orgasmic rapture and mindless ecstasy. Yet, ever is she aware.

Descends a sleek cerastes wrought of night. Descends it to coil upon your bosom, as if drawn to the desert of your form. It is an elapid carved of oblivion. It is burrowing through wan skin and black bone, as if seeking to den in the comforts of your cage; for surely none would near such a desert. It is the glossa of Goddess over your heart, like a black ringhals taking guard round a black gem. Now does it penetrate to slither throughout the atria of your heart, to know the chambers of the black gem with intimacy.

The tongue of Goddess does den within and without your heart. Her tongue fills and bulges your heart as a serpent fills the Earth. It coils upon your bosom and knots within you. It embraces itself as the serpent does for warmth and comfort. It is a black and glistening thing that basks and writhes in the venom of your heart. Her tongue is as a black asp that lies dreaming inside your heart. And Lilith remains in rapture and ecstasy over you.

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ISBN (Print): 9781629291086
ISBN (Electronic): 9781629291079
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 12/01/2013
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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