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The Haunted Mansion Project: Year One

Author(s): Multiple Authors, Rain Graves, E.S. Magill

Introduction by Rain Graves. In the fall of 2010, ten horror writers met at a haunted mansion to spend four days together. Joining them were a group of paranormal investigators who studied the house and reported their findings. This anthology is a collection of the fiction, poetry, journals, real impressions, and investigative conclusions inspired by that weekend. E.S. Magill, Rain Graves, Nikki Boscia, Loren Rhoads, Sephera Giron, Kim Richards, Yvonne Navarro, Weston Ochse, Christian Colvin, Dan Weidman, and S.G. Browne share their secret fears, desires and the disembodied voices of those from beyond. Proceeds from this anthology go toward future Haunted Mansion Project events.

Now, however, her first look at the Haunted Mansion in person is enough to make her head and heart pound. Nothing she’d seen on the web could convey the size and sheer intensity of the place, the dimness of the full-width front porch and second floor balcony even in full sunlight, the expanse of windows on the uppermost floor that swallow light and seem to give back nothing. She doesn’t want to go in, but the taxi that drops them at the bottom of the heart-shaped front lawn is already pulling away and Justin is picking up his suitcase behind her.

“Get moving, would you?” he asks. He puts his free hand in the small of her back and gives her a little push, just enough to make her stumble. “We haven’t got all damned day.”

But they do. In fact, they have four full days.

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ISBN (Print): 9781615725793
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615725786
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 03/01/2012
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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