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The Invitation

Author(s): CC Kaufman

Clarke Scott is young, good looking and successful. He is also a player, living the good life in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. His search for the “woman of his dreams” is stalled, mired in the muck of familiarity and mediocrity; until he finds Michelangela. A woman “so beautiful it hurts to look.” He is obsessed with meeting her believing that she is the one, also believing she will feel the same about him. His quest leads him to a night filled with animal lust, social decadence, drugs and violence. The evening begins in style at an important community social function, careens through the streets from a lusty rendezvous to the lap of high society. Along the way Scott enjoys amazing sex but is also bitten, scratched, and assaulted. In the course of the night he questions his own motives and beliefs, questions that lead to a surprising conclusion.


“Come sit on the bed.” she said. After he took a seat she walked over to stand a few feet in front of him, wobbling a little.

“I wanna do a little strip for you.” She said, lifting her dress over her head and letting it fall to the floor, as she swayed back and forth. A night light glowing from the bathroom behind her was enough to silhouette her body; she danced slowly turning a complete circle. The light camisole she wore under the dress took his breath away; through it he could see the outline of her legs and her pubic hair, dark through the sheer undergarment. He was getting horny as hell, he leaned forward to place his hands around her waist, pulling her to him.

“You look so damned good.” he said, pressing his head against her breasts, turning slightly so he could find her nipple with his tongue.

Mickey laughed and pushed her breasts together. They both collapsed onto the bed, her sitting on top of him. Taking his time he pulled the camisole up and she raised her arms to let it slip over her head.

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Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 01/05/2011
Publisher: Carnal Passions

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