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The King's Diamond 2: Shooting Star

Author(s): Jenna Jones

Ketu is the king's consort and the king's diamond, a gift provided by the gods. Ketu loves Damalepazhur deeply, but still asks himself what is his true purpose in life. Is it only to look after Damal, or is there something more?

Troubled by doubts about his place in the kingdom and in court, Ketu fills his days with looking after Damal’s household and children, and helping anyone who comes to him for assistance. When people try to worship him as the Face of Azhur, the child of their main god, Ketu tells them only to live good lives. He enjoys a passionate, if sometimes frustrating, relationship with Damal, but even this makes him wonder if he'll end up like former diamonds after the king's death, despairing and alone.

Hoping to cheer him, Damal takes Ketu to the newly-restored summer palace, where they enjoy each other's company and explore the countryside. Seers warn Ketu about Damal's recklessness, but he puts them out of his mind until Damal's life hangs by a thread. Only then does Ketu explore the full depth of his powers and what it means to be a gift from the gods.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61040-460-0
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 04/17/2013
Publisher: Torquere Press

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