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The Last Vampire

(Author's Revised Edition)

Author(s): Kathryn Meyer Griffith

The earthquakes with their falling ash, the global floods and the devastating fires arrive first. Then the worldwide plague with its stench of death. And as mankind suffers and dies out, vampires, their numbers dwindling, struggle and fight fiercely among themselves to survive in a world where there aren’t enough humans to prey and feed upon. As the weeks go by they become fewer, more desperate and more ruthless.

Emma, as the world disintegrates around her, finds herself alone, family all have perished…and fending off an unnatural hunger as she becomes one of the undead. Fighting her unwanted destiny she’s determined to resist the bloodlust she feels, the need to kill and feed on humans, of losing her humanity, for as long as she can bear it…but she’s so hungry…and the night calls.


Emma wasn’t sure what was happening to her, but she was still changing. What had once seemed monstrous to her—the drinking of human blood—didn’t seem so any longer. She was so . . . hungry. All the time.

She grew lean, her eyes haunted and glittering with the hunger. Not human eyes at all any longer.

Matthew, too, grew gaunt, weaker. His handsome face became a structure of bones. No longer could he catch fish. The water was too cold or frozen over; the fish wouldn’t or couldn’t come to the surface. They’d been trekking alongside the coast toward their destination for what felt like forever and the sea was barren, as if its occupants had fled to the deepest depths.

Seven nights seeped into eight.

They were both starving.

Emma found herself tormented, salivating at the thought of sinking her fangs—just once…just a little—deep into Matthew’s luscious throat. And the very thought of that repulsed her. Petrified her.

If she didn’t find prey soon, she’d have to leave Matthew, or she’d end up preying on him.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615722075
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 10/01/2010
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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