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The Tory Temple Collection

Author(s): Tory Temple

 Whether a fairy tale or a story grounded in reality, there is room for romance anywhere. From the secluded hospital bed to the back room of a tattoo shop, that spark can be found in the most unlikely places. This collection of stories will take you to four very different spots as the men within discover that love turns up in unusual ways. A tattoo artist, a hospital worker, a set of white wings, and ghosts in the attic all await the reader in this unique collection.

Previously published as individual short stories.


 The light bulb was burned out, of course.

Fisher yanked at the string again, as if the light would miraculously turn on the second and third time he tried. No such luck. He did succeed in breaking off the string, though. Fantastic.

“James!” he shouted down the attic stairs. “I need a light bulb. And the stepladder.” Fisher glanced around the attic and waved away a cobweb.

“Get it yourself.”

Fisher peered down the stairwell into the square of light that shone on the ground floor. “Fuck you, too. Can you please bring me a light bulb?”

“Hell, no.” James sounded firm, although Fisher still couldn’t see him. “I don’t go in the attic. It’s haunted.”

What? Fisher blinked and descended the steps about halfway. He bent and looked into the living room where James, his partner of eight years, reclined on the couch with the latest issue of Architectural Digest. “Say what?”

James didn’t bother putting down the magazine. “Haunted. The attic. I don’t go up there.”

“Since when?” This really wasn’t like James at all. James was practical.

That got Fisher an eyebrow raise over the top of James’ magazine. “Since the first week we moved into this place and all the weird stuff started happening.”

Fisher came all the way down the steps and through the door that led to the attic. “I beg your pardon?” This was new information.

“The attic is haunted, Fish. Don’t you hear the stuff scratching around up there at night?”

“You mean the raccoons that live under the roof?”

“Raccoons don’t make noises like that. They don’t... clank.” James licked his thumb and turned a page of his magazine.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61040-672-7
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 03/26/2014
Publisher: Torquere Press

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