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Tokyo Heat

Author(s): Carol Itoh

Every day in the office the way he acted made her feel torn between wanting to kiss him or strangle him with his tie.

The story of two American women sent to Tokyo for three months on business. One finds love instantly and one finds lust. For one the road to love is smooth but for one the road is froth with heartache and unhappiness until she is held at knife point and stabbed. Her reluctant lover is forced to save her life. As Leslie Langley lies near the point of death only then does Seiyan Watanabe realize what he has nearly lost...the woman he loves. Ironically, security cameras catch the quiet and handsome karate expert in action and he becomes an international hero to women everywhere. His fame and her assault make our heroine realize the two things she nearly losther life and the man she loves. She hopes it isnt too late to claim what her heart tells her belongs to her. Will Seiyan agree?


You think you have issues? I just hope I can get my hair to do something. Have you noticed how it is all limp like day old noodles? Must be the altitude or the sea air. Its refused to do anything today except lay limp, no curl, no body, no bounce nothing! She was too disgusted to go on.

Well, I'm having dinner in my room tonight. I have beauty treatments to do, rest, hydration, and cold compresses for these bags! When I step out of this hotel in the morning, if there is a single man in this entire city, I want him to know about me by lunch time. Alexi announced with the confidence of a girl on a mission.

What is this fascination you have lately, this thing about Japanese men? The last few days youve been like a dog with a bone, pardon the pun.

I am no dumb blonde, Leslie. I do my homework. Do you know there are more millionaires per square mile in Tokyo than in Palm Springs, New York, or Beverly Hillscombined?

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615723638
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 04/07/2011
Publisher: Eternal Press

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