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Tommy and the Magi

Author(s): Syd McGinley

 Christmas is coming, and Tommy is trapped! Aspiring costume designer Tommy longs for his stern owner to truly claim him, and he submits to everything Dr. Tanaka wants. Everything, that is, except communicating openly with Tanaka-sama. Tommy trusts and obeys Dr. Tanaka, so why can’t he take the final step of confiding his worries to the man who wants to protect him? 

Tommy’s career is stalled, and his work nemesis, Susie Sofronie, is bullying him into cutting off his long black braid for charity during the Christmas matinee. Dr. Tanaka treasures Tommy’s hair both for its bondage use and as a symbol of their shared Japanese heritage. Tangled up in a knot of failed communication and obligations, will Tommy end up bald and without his man on Christmas Day? 


"Tommy-chan, it is time to become my Christmas display. I want you well settled for when our guests arrive. Shower, but keep your hair dry. Return naked. I will have started the fire so you will not get cold.” 

Tommy obeyed, and sang to himself in the shower to keep his mind occupied. Downtime was dangerous now. 

"From far away we come and farther we must go. / How far, how far, my crystal star?” 

He may not have seen Amahl yet, but he’d heard it rehearsed endlessly. 

He soaped his belly. It was still scabbed from his calligraphy lesson, but no longer sore. A bit itchy, but quite legible! 

Warm and dry, Tommy padded downstairs. Sensei stood by the fireplace -- he’d changed into a dark suit to greet their guests. Tommy felt his cock twitch. Tanaka-sama was so handsome and stern in his formal clothes. 

Tommy followed Dr. Tanaka’s pointing finger and knelt by the side of the mantelpiece’s side column. Sensei stroked Tommy’s cheek lightly for a moment. 

“Tommy-chan. Once I have you prepared, be silent and immobile until I release you. Do this for me.” 

“Hai, Sensei.” 

Dr. Tanaka ran his hand down the length of Tommy’s braid, and snagged the end in his palm. 

“Kneel up and spread your legs. Does this pull too much? You will be like this at least an hour. Be honest.” 

Tommy moved as requested and felt his neck and spine stretch tall as Sensei pulled his braid straight up. 

“A fraction less, Sensei. To last an hour.”

“Good boy.” 

Dr. Tanaka let go, and then Tommy heard a thud as his owner banged a nail into the wall. Tommy quivered at the sound and vibration. 

And then moaned. Sensei had pulled out the fetish shop bag, and revealed an ornate filigree cage. With metal claws. 

Tommy stayed still, but shut his eyes. He heard the rare sound of Dr. Tanaka’s chuckle. 

“Tommy-chan. It is not for your balls or cock. I am pleased you held the position. But, boy, it would have been a gift of the magi moment if you had cut your hair.”

Fuck. Salt in the unsuspected wound even if that damn reference still made no sense. Tommy opened his eyes. Sensei smiled as he approached, and then worked the claws into the last foot of Tommy’s braid, cupped the opened cage halves around the rope of hair, and snapped it shut. 

“See how lovely, boy? Silver among your jet. Stay still.” 

Tommy did whimper as Tanaka-sama hooked the metal ends over the nail in the wall, and then concealed the attachment with a sprig of holly. Tommy could relieve the pressure if he closed his legs and increased the height of his kneel, but Dr. Tanaka’s next words took away that possibility. 

“Charming! Now, your bells, and one lovely shiny ball for your guiche.” Dr. Tanaka dangled a large silver glass globe in front of Tommy. “Don’t worry -- it’s hollow. But fragile.” 

Dr. Tanaka stood back, and scrutinized his adorned boy. 

“Perfect. Now, just go to your calm place, boy. I will release you for dinner.”

Tommy opened his mouth to say he hadn’t begun to prepare a meal, but Sensei shook his head. “No, silent and still.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781603708869
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 04/01/2014
Publisher: Torquere Press

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