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Another World

Author(s): Vic Winter

 From soldiers fighting on a virtual battlefield to werewolves and trolls living on mountains, the four short stories in this collection all take place in a world not quite our own.

In The Champion, Maxim and Dorian are secret lovers in a world where men are not allowed to love each other and wars are fought by men on a virtual battlefield. Maxim is the Black Champion, but will his bravery extend to his love life as well?

Next up is The Mountain, a fairy-tale style story featuring a village lad who is fascinated by the mountain that looms over his home, and the supposed beastly troll that lives within its caves.

Wolf Unexpected and Ten Things to Hate About Being a Werewolf, are two urban fantasies featuring shapeshifters who are new to being werewolves. Can their heroes each find someone to help them find joy and happiness in their new situation?

Stories in this collection were originally published individually by Torquere Press.


 From Wolf Unexpected:

Something was wrong with Eric. 

He didn't know what, and he didn't know why, but there was no denying it. It had started a couple of days ago. He'd felt itchy under his skin. It didn't seem to matter how much he scratched, though, nothing relieved it and he just wound up looking like a giant ball of jock itch. It wasn't a good look on him. Hell, it wouldn't have been a good look on anyone, but he took pride in his body -- he was in good shape, with strong, well-defined muscles, short dark hair and blue eyes that had been called lovely by more than one flirty girl.

Of course Eric wasn't much interested in the flirty girls, but guys didn't tend to wax poetic on a man's eyes. Hell, guys didn't tend to get flirty, either. They were far more caveman than that, and Eric would bet the last dozen 'dates' he'd had wouldn't be able to tell him the color of his eyes. That was if they even knew his name. He wasn't entirely sure he remembered any of theirs. 

Which, he supposed, made him something of a slut. Or stud. Depending on what angle you were looking at it from. Right this minute, Eric didn't really care what he got called; he just needed for this horrible sourceless itching to stop.

It had gotten bad enough that he'd left the Pink Parachute club over an hour ago and started walking. It was better outside, in the darkness, the full moon shinning really brightly in the sky. Not that city streets were ever really all that dark. On the other hand, it looked like he'd left the city a while ago. He was moving fast, almost running on the side of the road as he followed it out of the city.

There was a lot of farmland out this way, a bunch of bush and even some woody areas that no doubt aspired to being "forests." That's where he was headed. He wasn't sure why exactly, but it felt like the itching was directing him that way. It was a damn good thing he was in good shape because he'd been walking/jogging/running for hours now. And it was a damn good thing he was a big guy, because he was out in the middle of nowhere all alone. Who knew what was lurking on this lonely country road?

It wasn't dark, though, even when he left the road and headed across some farmer's fields toward the trees at the far side of the property. The moon was huge, a big old full disk that even cast a shadow. It was walking ahead of him like it was pointing out the way.

It was about then that things got really strange.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61040-654-3
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 02/26/2014
Publisher: Torquere Press

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