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Conversation Hearts

Author(s): Michael Barnette, Jameson Dash, M. Durango, T. Strange

 There's a whole story to be had in just a handful of conversation heart candies, and that's only the taking-off point for this collection.

In "All You Have to Do is Ask" by Kathryn Scannell, Greg shares a romantic Valentine's Day dinner with his Dom, but will the mood be spoiled when Paolo insists Greg explain some old scars? In "Press Badge" by Ellen Bishop, the entire office is getting into the spirit of Valentine's Day except Sam, but his coworker has other plans for him, whether he likes it or not. In "Hearts and Cake" by M. Durango, a simple dinner invitation leads to a misunderstanding between Bailey and Curt. In "Breaking Cupid's Curse" by Cindy Sutherland, Charlie Prentiss is sure that he's about to lose everything, but sometimes things aren't what they seem!

Two recently reunited lovers discuss how they view themselves and each other in Jay Christopher's "Perception." Andy and Nat negotiate love and sex, vanilla and kink in “Same Sex” by Jameson Dash. Bondage and sushi are reunited at last in "Night Out" by T. Strange. In "Forgiving Valentine" by Michael Barnette, Val leaves Liam, but then he realizes he's made the worst mistake of his life. In "A Rose by Any Other Name" by Kate Pennington, long weeks of travel and a disagreement over romance are taking their toll on Peter's relationship -- or are they?


 from Forgiving Valentine by Michael Barnette

Val sat on the bed of the hotel room, staring at some mindless reality show on the TV atop the dresser and wondering what in hell he was doing.

Had he really gone to their apartment during his lunch break and packed up his stuff? Had he really walked out on Liam? Had he actually walked away from the best thing that had ever happened to him?

Two centuries old and he'd never known love until he'd met the gentle wolf shifter who'd walked into his life so unexpectedly. Walked in and stolen his heart on that dismal, rainy Miami afternoon. A simple traffic accident and Val taking the report as a witness stood by, waiting to give a brief statement. Liam had seen the panel truck run a red light and slam broadside into a bus full of school kids on their way to a museum. Injuries had been thankfully minor but if it weren't for that accident he would never have met Liam. The court case brought them together a second time and by then the memory of Liam's face had begun to haunt his dreams. If it weren't for the court case he'd never have gotten to ask the attractive blond out for coffee when the case ended.

That had been the start of something amazing. Wonderful.

Something he'd thrown away without thinking as if it were nothing more than the wrapper from a fast food sandwich.

What in hell had he been thinking?

He hadn't been thinking, because he'd been running scared. Scared of what the word marriage meant. Scared of everything the word entailed. Responsibility for someone other than himself. Responsibility for Liam. For becoming a family that went beyond himself and Liam. Responsibility for... He couldn't even think about it without a knot forming in his belly. Without his pulse starting to race and a strange unaccustomed ache building in his chest.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61040-647-5
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 02/12/2014
Publisher: Torquere Press

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