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Dare's Christmas Gift

Author(s): AKM Miles

Dare and Ryan are happy living with their son, JC. Their neighbors and friends, Jackie and Brandon, are looking forward to the church party, and life is good. Too bad the boys have said an old enemy is watching them, one who's supposed to be in jail.

When the kids are kidnapped right under Santa’s nose, all hell breaks loose. It’s awfully cold, the kids don’t have their coats, and the parents are losing their minds. Will Dare save the day like he always seemed forced to do in the popular novel Dare to?  Or will Christmas be ruined by Dare and their friends losing those they love most.


Dare stepped into the bathroom with the sack of gifts to hide from JC and Brandon. He was getting quite a stash back there. That's where he hid the boys' presents. Ryan's were hidden over at his neighbor Jackie's house. He thought of the book he'd had made for Ryan. He had no doubt that Ryan would love it, but he'd sure felt awkward doing it.

While getting coffee from the lounge at his office, where he was a counselor for children, he'd overheard a conversation that got him thinking. His secretary, Jana, knew of a photographer who specialized in doing books for couples: romantic scenes, sexy scenes, portraits, etc. for people in love. The word was, anything goes. This photographer wasn't shy about shooting whatever people wanted to do. At first, Dare had thought there was no way he'd do anything like that. He kept thinking about Ryan and how much Ryan seemed to like his body, especially his stomach. Go figure.

Finally, he'd contacted the photographer and they did a session, as a secret gift for Ryan. The book had photo after photo of Dare's stomach. He had to admit that, despite his qualms, it was a very artistic book. There were pictures of Dare in a dress shirt, tails out, unbuttoned. The lady had done several poses in each shirt in different kinds of lighting. She'd torn a T-shirt's sleeves out and cut the bottom half off to make a cropped top. She'd sprayed him with sex sweat, she called it, making it look like he'd been running or working out, or…whatever.

There were plenty without a shirt at all, just side shots of his abs, or different poses. She was a magician with light and shadow. A couple of times, she'd gotten him to think of Ryan and she swore those were the ones that Ryan would love. Something in the eyes, she said. Could be. He'd even had one taken shirtless, holding a jar of gourmet chocolate sauce, lid off, finger dripping over it.

Delightedly, she'd taken two as he blushed warmly. In both dress pants and jeans, she'd had him unsnap and unzip, and took shots with him going commando. He knew Ryan would be smoothing his hand over the one in opened jeans with the shiny stuff on his stomach and a few beads of it running down into the V of his pants, which were nearly open to the point of indecency. Yeah, his gift for Ryan was going to be a hit.

Despite the fact that he felt silly the whole time, he couldn't wait for Ryan to look at it. She even left several pages blank in the back and told Dare to bring Ryan in and she'd do some couple shots for them. He liked her a lot and had asked if she would do a shoot with himself, Ryan and JC at the park in the spring. She'd readily agreed.

Humming as he put two more gifts into his super secret storage place, Dare jumped when he heard the front door slam downstairs. Ryan home with JC…already? He hurriedly put towels in front of the top shelf in their bathroom closet and hurried to meet his men.

There they were, taking off heavy coats and…arguing? What was wrong with that picture? Dare hurried down the stairs.

"Hey, guys, what's up? You're home early…and not happy. Ryan?" He left the question open, looking back and forth from Ryan to JC.

JC didn't let Ryan answer before barreling into Dare's arms and hugging his neck hard when Dare automatically caught him up.

"Dad doesn't believe me, but I saw him, Dare. I did. I'm not lyin'." JC's face was stuck tight into Dare's neck and he was shaking in righteous indignation.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60370-565-3
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 06/26/2010
Publisher: Torquere Press

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