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Full Moon Dating: Coy and Denver

Author(s): Julia Talbot


Coy is a big city werewolf who heads to the mountains of Colorado on the word of the team at Full Moon Dating, a paranormal dating service. He’s not sure Denver Allen is the vamp for him, but it can’t hurt to take a vacation and get a little hot loving in the process.


Denver knows Coy is the one for him when they meet, but there’s the whole issue of who the ultimate predator is between them. There’s also the problem of all that biting. Can Denver and Coy work out their troubles before it’s too late for both of them?


 The place was so big that breathing echoed. Weird.

The doors to the dining room were those big sliding things, pocket doors, maybe. The chandelier almost blinded him, but he caught glimpses of dark wood and Persian rugs before the scents made it impossible to concentrate.

His wolf started clawing up his spine, climbing and wanting out, warning him that he was somewhere new. Odd.

The meat had to be the lamb, and man, was he gonna like lamb. He could tell. The earthy, spicy scent underneath all that was even more an addiction. He'd caught a whiff of it outside, but now it slapped him in the face.

He shook his head, trying to focus, to control himself and ease back the urge to howl.

"Mr. Martindale?"

Coy finally saw the man at the end of the table when he stood, extending a hand.

"I'm Denver Allen."

"Coy. Hey. How goes it?" Why are you slumming?

Because this guy was slumming if he was going to be fucking Coy. Denver Allen was tall, lean, but well-built, with broad shoulders and narrow hips. He had pale blond hair and icy blue eyes that damned near glowed in the bright light from the chandeliers. His pressed jeans probably cost more than Coy's whole wardrobe.

Denver had an air about him, though, that was totally at odds with the fine furnishings. He was a predator.

Too bad wolves weren't prey. "Thanks for the invite to your place."

"Thank you for coming. I wasn't sure you would."

"The folks at the dating place seemed to think we were perfect."

"I know." Denver Allen advanced slowly, coming to offer a lean, pale hand. "I confess, I saw the profile they sent and was intrigued enough to play along. Addison is the one who signed me up, and nearly lost his job because of it."

"Oh." Oh, well then. For sure this was a one-time deal. No one knew someone well enough to fill those things out. He felt a little bit like a rube, but politeness was beaten into his bones, so he shook. "My sister asked me to do it. She's pregnant."

"Is she? I imagine she's utterly mood-swinging." Denver smiled, showing the slightest hint of fang, which was oddly sexy. "Addison, I fear, did a lot of subtle question asking. He's forever poking me to tell him stories. I think he must have had a checklist of items."

"Yeah. It was a long form and I bet you didn't expect a cowboy from the sticks to show up."

"Come and sit." Denver took his hand and led him to the table. The smell almost brought him to his knees.

"Lamb, your man said?" His mouth watered.

"Indeed. I love the smell of food." They sat, Denver at the head of the table, him one seat to the right. The butler kid appeared and lifted the lid off all the trays. Jesus, that was a feast.

He knew his nose had to be going a mile a minute and his eyes felt hot, the shapes of the food more pronounced, the colors leached away.

"There's no need to play nice. You must be hungry."

"I am and it smells stunning. Rich." His tongue tripped over the words. God, way to be classy, Coy.

"Then eat up. You will not offend me." Denver pushed the platter at him.

He nodded and pounced, the lamb rich on his tongue, his wolf rejoicing in it. Goddess Moon, the meat was intense. Cooked rare, the coppery tang was so good on his tongue. One bite led to another and another, and no one stopped him. Soon he had devoured the whole thing, wiping his mouth on his sleeve.

Oh, wow. Way to make an impression, man.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61040-636-9
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 01/08/2014
Publisher: Torquere Press

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