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Author(s): Sean Michael, Juia Talbot, BA Tortuga

Looking for a world where danger lurks around every corner, where Mates mean
three werewolves taking on the world together, and where the men love their
girls as much as they do each other? Look no farther than the Mates
Julia Talbot presents Fur and Phobias, a story about a sweet girl named Abby
with a terrible fear of dogs. Aaron thinks he might just be the one to cure
her, but he and his lover, Lee, have a secret that may send Abby running for
the hills. Can they work together to ease Abby¹s fears?
In Sean Michael¹s Running with the Wolf, a roving pack of werewolves have
made terrible trouble for artist Vicki, who¹s been bitten and has no idea
what to do about it. Swan and Dibs know what to do, though, and the two boys
are determined to help Vicki, whether she wants it or not. Can they show her
what it¹s like to run with the wolf?
Finally, BA Tortuga presents For Life, Jamie and Brett both know something
terrible is about to happen to Melody, and they come back into her life
after years spent apart, turning her carefully ordered world upside down.
Someone is determined to make them pay for a mistake from the past, but
these three are older and wiser now. Can they find a way to stay together?
If you want compelling, hot werewolf stories, Mates is the book for you!
Don¹t miss it!
From For Life by BA Tortuga
Jamie shook a little, hands clamping down on hers, the skin wavering a
little. She groaned, growled low, her lips parted as she fought to keep her
shit together.
Jamie finally just brought her finger up and licked it, tongue scraping
across her skin. Oh, that was so not helping.
Her muscles rippled, the world going from bright colors to pure scent and
sensation. She could smell male wolf, could feel the air ripple as Jay came
with her. Everything became fur and the wild urge to run.
She headbutted him, muzzle sliding against his. Pack. Pack. She¹d missed
Licking her nose, Jay whined, low in his throat, body bumping against hers.
His eyes glowed for her, his teeth closing on her ear gently.
She hopped up on the counter, tugging the meat down onto the floor, barking
happily. Eating, then running.
Jay came after her, chasing her tail, his big paws sounding like thunder
against her floor. Frannie barked at them from the front room, staying far
away. He¹d grown. She ducked under his forelegs, scrambling away to steal a
chunk of meat, snapping it up happily. Growling, Jay snapped back, trying to
take her down, but it was all play. She knew that sound.
He might be bigger, but she was faster, and she zoomed around him, claw
skittering on the tile.
They smacked up against the cabinets, slamming against the trashcan, which
stopped Jay for just long enough for her to skitter out the doggie door.
She took off like a shot, scrambling across the pasture, muscles burning.
Jay ran right behind her, then beside her, nipping at her ear again.
Probably to let her know he was the big male. She threw herself against him,
hoping surprise would knock him over if her weight didn¹t.
Skidding, Jay barked, tongue lolling in a toothy smile before he caught his
balance and headed right back for her.
Damn it. She took off, claws digging into the dirt, chuffing happily as they
They were playing king of the hill behind the barn when a brown blur shot
past her, knocking Jay off the little knoll he stood on, barking. A sharp
yelp sounded, Jay rolling over and over in the dirt.
Her ruff puffed up and she snarled, scrambling to her feet. Her land. Her
The big brown male stood over Jay, barking and snarling, snapping his teeth.
He never even looked at her. She leapt without thinking, teeth grabbing the
brown male¹s ruff as she flew by.
He took her right down, slamming her to the ground. Then he closed his teeth
on her throat, so gently that she hardly felt it. Like he was family.
She chirruped, sniffing. Eyes going wide.
Their Brett.
She scrambled to her feet, staring, panting at the males.
What the hell?

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ISBN (Print): 1-60370-285-7
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Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 03/12/2008
Publisher: Torquere Press

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