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Author(s): Sean Michael

 Everything's going great for Billy and Montana. Their relationship is proceeding nicely, and Tanny's work as an apprentice to Margaret making custom books is something he not only loves, but is really good at. He's never been happier, even if he still thinks it's all too good to be true. Billy's over the moon because he's in love, and he's enjoying playing house with Tanny.

Exploring their relationship and trying to deal with Montana's past should be more than enough to keep them busy and focused on each other, but fate and the outside world just won't let them settle in and do that.

Between interfering friends who have only the best intentions at heart, and an overeager cop who doesn't have the same faith in Tanny's ability to change that Billy does, things go from bad to worse. Billy will have to put everything he has and is into convincing his lover that Montana's home truly is with Billy. Can Billy and Montana commit to each other fully, or will they fall apart when the chips are down? Snared is the sequel to Billy and Tanny's first novel, Found.


 "Tanny?" Margaret's voice always filled up the room when she talked. Always.

"Yeah, boss?"

"Don't forget that Sunny's book needs to be done today before you leave."

"It's already done and wrapped up, Mags." God, it felt good to say that.

"No shit?" Margaret came over, limping a little; her arthritis was getting worse.

"Swear to God. Are you okay? Is there going to be a storm?" The spring had been brutally stormy, with mud slides and everything.

"Yeah, there is -- I'd bet the house on it. And look at you, finishing up so quickly." She patted his arm. "You're not going to need me much longer."

"Bullshit. You're the expert..." He still needed her.

"And you're sucking up to the boss. I like it." She gave him a wink and settled down onto a stool with a sigh. "It's going to be a bad one. You should get home before it hits."

"Yeah? Do you need help getting home? I could call Billy."

She took a deep breath and then nodded. "If it won't be too much trouble, I think I just might take you up on that."

"I'll call now. You sit." Poor love. He hated that she hurt so bad. He grabbed the little cell phone Billy'd given him and called home.

Billy's voice was warm, soft when he answered. "Hey, love."

"Hey, Billy. Can you come? Margaret needs a ride home."

"Yeah, sure. You guys done for the day?"

"Yep. Happy Friday, huh?" He nodded to Margaret. She was a good friend, a good boss, a neat person, and he liked being helpful.

"Oh, it is, isn't it?" Billy chuckled. "I was pretty lost in this article. You want to do something? Go out to lunch? Down to the waterfront? Or the market?"

"Sure, but Margaret says that there's a bad storm coming, so we need to plan for that."

"Bad enough we don't want to get caught out in it?" He could hear Billy moving around, getting ready.

"She's hurting real bad, Billy." Too bad.

"She needs to be less stubborn about taking stuff when it gets bad. I'm just locking up now. I'll be there in two shakes."

"Thank you, Billy." His lover was like his hero, really.

"Anytime, love." Billy made a kissing noise and then the phone clicked off.

"He's on the way, huh? We'll take you home."

"Thanks, Tanny. You two are good eggs."

He flapped his arms playfully. "Bawk, bawk, bawk. Let me clean up and you wait."

She patted his hand. "I'll tell Billy you deserve a reward."

He grinned, kissed her temple, then got to work. He loved his job, his life, where he was. It made him happy.

He'd just finished up when Billy came into Rainbow Artists, saying hi to Catherine, who was working the register, and then coming on back. "Hey Margaret." She got a kiss on the hand and then Billy was coming toward him.

Tanny had a smile for his lover -- a real, honest smile -- and Billy was hugging him.

His chin was tilted, Billy taking a warm kiss. "Hey."

"Happy Friday." So good.

"Yeah. You, too." There was a gleam in Billy's eyes, a certain tone in his voice.

Margaret chuckled. "You two have fun indoor plans for the weekend? The weather's not going to be fit for anything outside."

"Uh-huh. We do." A wicked grin settled on Billy's lips.


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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60370-873-9
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 01/18/2014
Publisher: Torquere Press

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