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Author(s): Sean Michael

 Magic can be a dangerous thing, as Aquan finds out to his peril. He doesn't understand the power of the crystals his lover, Liet, uses with such confidence, nor does he really know the power of the Gods who give and take that power with careless ease.

When Liet returns to their home after a mission for those very Gods and finds his Aquan frozen in time, he pledges his life and works to his Masters if they will only give his love life again. They agree, but only for one night a year, the longest night. The winter Solstice.

That has to be enough for Liet and Aquan, a fate they accept, coming together that one night a year to live and love as they wish they could do for all time. So what do they do when Liet grows old and Aquan is still as young as the day he was cursed? Sweet and poignant, this tale is a true gift. Don't miss it.


 Aquan couldn't believe it when he saw it. A single calla lily. Its white petals curled protectively around the orange-yellow stamen. He almost missed it in the newly fallen snow. Liet was away for two more days, he was going to miss the flower entirely.

Aquan thought that was a terrible shame. Well, spending a week away from his lover was an even bigger shame, but he wanted to do something special to celebrate Liet's return.

It was growing colder though and the flower would not last two more days. And if he picked it, it would die.

He bit his lip, looking around the large garden, trying to think of some solution.

Their cottage was simple, ivy and roses growing everywhere in the summer, frost and icicles in the winter. There were three rooms inside -- the common area, Liet's workroom and their bedroom. The little touches of magic were everywhere -- faerylights flickering in the lamps, the tiles cool in the summer and heated in the cold.

He could see the window to Liet's workroom now, the lines of crystals catching the light.

Oh! He could turn the flower into a crystal.

Then it would last forever. It would be his gift to Liet, his welcome home to his lover who he missed so much. They'd only been together two years and each time Liet had to go somewhere he was so lonely, and so happy when Liet returned. It would be good to be able to give Liet something so special.

Liet had a stone that turned matter into crystal. He'd even watched Liet do it, was pretty sure he remembered the incantation.

Aquan carefully picked the calla lily and ran into the house, going into Liet's work room. The room sparkled with magic, with promise, with something that was the essence of his green-eyed lover.

The crystals were lined carefully -- ruby and emerald, sapphire and topaz, rosy quartz and deep amethyst.

He crept in; it felt strange, almost wicked, to be in here without Liet.

The crystal he wanted was at the end of the row. White, almost clear, it glistened like the snow under sunshine. It seemed to call for him, the pale veins within holding the light, almost glowing, almost ringing.

He reached out, careful not to touch anything else, not to say anything or make any noise -- he didn't want to awaken any of the magics that lived here. The crystal seemed to vibrate in his hand, the power of it moving along his skin. The light grew and spread, sparkling behind his eyes, inside his chest.

Oh, it was so big. So very big.

He almost put the stone back, but the flower in his other hand seemed to call to him, to demand that he preserve it. He backed slowly from the room, worried that if he spoke the incantation there, he might release some other magics.

He walked -- out of the house, out in into the garden, the magic seeming to surge through him. He brought his hands together, the crystal and the calla lily touching, and began to whisper.

"Stone and air, earth and fire, bring the magics I desire."

Nothing happened. Oh, the magic was still moving through him, as it had been before, but nothing new appeared to happen. So he repeated the words, louder this time.

Icy cold began to creep up his body, the lily's petal hardening, going clear.

It was working!

Excited, he repeated the words, even louder now, laughter filling him.

Oh, wouldn't Liet be surprised.

Such a wonderful gift for his lover. One of a kind, unique and only from him.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60370-043-6
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 01/18/2014
Publisher: Torquere Press

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