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They Do (F/F) Anthology

Author(s): Jessica Chase, Vrai Kaiser, Alexandra Vaughn

 They say a marriage takes work, but for these brides, getting to the altar may be the hardest part. 

In "Frayed" by Alexandra Vaughn, Esther Goodwin's first encounter with another girl ends almost as soon as it begins and it is several years before she allows herself to believe in love again. In "12,000 Hour Day" by Vrai Kaiser, Devon couldn't be happier about the thought of being married to Sarah -- it's the planning she's not sure she'll survive! In "Her Dream Day", by J. Chase, it's the day before Alex and Sophia's wedding, when the venue cancels, ruining their plans.


From  Her Dream Day by Jessica Chase

She poured some cereal into a bowl, hitting the button on the coffee machine and sloshing milk into the cereal, then slowly eating it. The smell of coffee woke her a little, and her eyes were drawn to the flashing red light on the phone, over by the door.

Hesitantly, she put her bowl down and walked over to it, her fingers twitching slightly as she reached out toward the button, wondering if one of their guests had had to cancel, or perhaps the flowers they had ordered weren't going to all be ready -- they had been warned when they booked that it had been a bad year for the pink tulips Sophia loved, but there were back-up plans in place. She pushed down on the button.

"Miss Baye,Miss Hill, it’s Chloe calling from Chelmsford Hall, I am truly sorry for the late notice, but it has come to our attention that we have double-booked our venue for tomorrow. We are of course planning to fully refund you, alongside compensating you for any damages caused, and I hope that you can find another spot that is able to host your celebration."

The room seemed to freeze for a moment, and then began to spin faster and faster, the air being whipped from her lungs by the speed of it. Tomorrow. Their wedding was tomorrow, and there was nowhere for it.

They would be unable to get anywhere on such late notice, and Alex's own family had come in from out of state. Her Aunt Mary, who had refused to speak to her ever since she had come out, was going to be there, and now months of planning and hoping were dashed. She hit the play button again, and the message rang out, the only hint of guilt being a slight reluctance in the voice of the recording to actually say what it was that had happened.

She felt sick, and sat down, her eyes closing as the room continued to spin. Sophia was going to be devastated.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61040-767-0
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 06/18/2014
Publisher: Torquere Press

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