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Trusting Her

Erotic Short Story

Author(s): Starla Kaye

Rancher Sam Caldwell was in a funk. He'd been growling at his ranch hands, his friends, and even his wife Katie.

When Katie got in a funk Sam spanked her, so when his bad mood stretched on with no end in sight he decided to ask Katie to spank him, hoping it would correct his foul mood.

This story includes F/m spanking and references to M/f spanking


Sam Caldwell looked down at the cup of coffee slowly growing cold in front of him. Growing cold, like his marriage of late. It was his own damn fault, too. He used to be able to handle everything pretty much on his own. Well, with his handful of reliable ranch hands who he guided along with little or no instruction most of the time. They knew what to do, and he trusted them to do their jobs. But he was the man in charge around the Circle C.

He took a sip of the cool coffee and grimaced. Should have taken a drink sooner. He shouldnt have spent all this time sitting here fretting about the problems in his life like some old woman. Instead he should have more than half-listened to two of the neighboring ranchers with him in the booth of the towns favorite diner.

Saturday mornings generally had him sitting here chatting and bs-ing with a few of the ranchers in the area. This was their time to catch up on not only what was going on with their ranches but also with the sad state of affairs for ranchers in general. He usually chimed in with his opinions.

But today he hadnt said much. He wasnt even all that interested in what was being said. His thoughts kept wandering back to how his wife had stopped smiling around him lately, how she had begun keeping her distance from him. Truth was, his ranch hands were starting to avoid him as well.

When you going to snap out of this blue funk youve been in? Pete asked from across the table. Youve been grouchier than a wounded bear the last month.

His other friend nodded agreement. You and Katie arent having problems, are you? Id sure hate to hear that.

Were they? No, he was the problem. Sam shook his head and abandoned holding onto the cold cup of coffee. He offered a weak excuse for his behavior of late. If a man had a snippy time of the month like a woman does, then I guess thats whats happening with me. Hell, even I cant stand to be around me right now. That was the truth, too.

His friends chortled and took off talking about the horrors of dealing with their wives when they were PMS-ing. Sam wasnt up to listening to that. He stood to dig coffee money out of his jeans pocket and set it on the table. They went right on with the current subject of their conversation, how Petes wife turned into Dragon Woman once a month. Sam counted himself lucky in that moment. His Katie got a little testy at that time of the month, and sometimes he even had to warm her backside to straighten her out, but, all in all, it wasnt so bad.

He grabbed his Stetson from a hook on the wall beside the table and planted it on his head. See you next week, boys.

Kiss that sweet wife of yours, let some of her cheery disposition rub off on you, Pete teased as Sam walked through the half-full diner toward the door.

He caught a few more comments about his sour mood of late from some of the other ranchers hanging around and drinking coffee. One man even called out that he needed a swift kick in the butt or something. If he didnt know that the men taunting him actually liked him, he might have stopped to snap at them. But he managed to take their ribbing in stride and headed out to his pickup truck. If he wasnt in a better mood by next week, even his old friends might start steering clear of him. He needed to work through whatever had him going around in a crotchety mood, complaining when there wasnt anything to complain about, snapping at others for no reason. Especially at his wife.

By the time he pulled onto the gravel road leading to his ranch, the sun was high in the sky. It promised to be a real burner for late in May, but then this was Kansas. It could be a burner one day and plumb cold the next this time of year. All you could really count on was the wind, which never seemed to stop. But, as he drove past the heart of the ranch buildings and to his driveway, it wasnt the heat of the day that had him feeling cantankerous and sweaty. No, it was the strange turn of thoughts hed been mulling over for the last few miles. Really strange. Never would he have imagined himself thinking along this line.

Spanking. He never really gave it much thought except when it was necessary that he turn his wife over his knee for a sound walloping. She had a tendency to get over-tired and then cranky, so he burned her bottom to get her refocused. Sometimes she failed to follow through on a promise she made to him or to one of the community groups she was involved with, so he heated her backside for letting whoever it was down. Hed been spanking her, with her acceptance, since before theyd married. After a spanking her attitude definitely improved, even if she might not sit well for a day or two. The fact that he spanked her for discipline wasnt an issue between them. He loved her and she knew it, even when he reddened her butt.

He pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine. It really hadnt been spanking Katie that hed been thinking about these final miles. He gripped the steering wheel for a second to rein in his thoughts again. Can I really do it? Can I humble myself enough to tell Katie I need a spanking?

His buttocks clenched just at the idea. Did Katies bottom clench like this when he told her he was going to spank her? He remembered how she usually sucked in a nervous breath and the way her eyes widened in distress and her pretty cheeks turned pink when he brought up the subject. It wasnt a pleasant subject for either of them, or a pleasant experience. But she took her punishment, sometimes with a bit of resistance at first or a weak attempt at protesting. It came back to her knowing he loved her and her trusting him.

He let go of the steering wheel and pressed his lips together in grim determination. Hell, he knew she loved him. And he certainly trusted her. So he damn well needed to stop pondering this issue and just do something about it. A spanking helped his wife when she had attitude problems, so surely it would help him, too.

Determined and a bit anxious about his crazy notion, he got out of his truck. His heart raced, and he took a second to steady his emotions. He stood staring at the log home he and his men had built five years ago. It made him proud to look at it, especially knowing how much Katie loved the place. Hed built it with proposing to her in mind. Hed been in love with her ever since high school when shed first brought him to his knees with a simple kiss. Theyd dated off and on while he went to college at Kansas State University and she went to the University of Kansas. Being separated like that hadnt made a relationship easy. Fact was, relationships were never easy. There had been a time when hed thought she was drifting away from him, and probably should have because hed been somewhat of an idiot.

Hed failed them both and gone out one lonely night with one of the cheerleaders. Katie had been spitting mad when hed guiltily admitted it. Shed gotten so pissed at him, so out of control, that hed finally bent her over his knee for the first time and spanked the sass right out of her. Shed not spoken to him for two weeks after that. Then shed come to the frat house where hed been living and flat out told him they were getting married as soon as they graduated.

He looked toward the kitchen where he was pretty certain shed be baking something for him. She loved to bake, and she spoiled him and his men something awful. Every one of them had a sweet tooth. No doubt about it, he was a damn lucky man. Lately, though, he knew he wasnt any kind of prize husband-wise. And she sure didnt deserve his sour attitude.

He sucked in a deep breath and bucked up his courage. Maybe when he told her about this one crazy idea shed run fleeing from the insane man hed become. But what if she didnt? What if she went along with this wild notion? Could he actually go through with it?

Set one damn foot in front of another and get your sorry ass in the house. Go talk to your wife. Trust in her. All of that was a hell of a lot easier said than done. Yet he forced his legs to move and turned his back to the rest of the ranch, knowing that there were a lot of chores he should be helping with instead of doing this. But if he chickened out and turned around now, he knew hed never round up the nerve to do this again. Just keep walking. The chores will get done without you today. You need this.

Katie hummed along to the country music coming from the radio on the counter across the kitchen. Her heart wasnt actually into the music, though. Shed been worried about Sam when he sped out of the ranch yard this morning on his way into Haverty to have the usual Saturday morning coffee with his buddies. Actually, shed been worried about him for a while now. Hed gotten this surly and stayed that way for this long one other time in the six years that theyd been married. Shed almost considered leaving him then. She wouldnt consider it this time, she loved him too much. She just needed to find out how to help him out of this mood. If only hed talk to her about what was bothering him. If only she knew how to ask him about it, without having him snap at her.

She had decided to bake him an apple pie, his favorite dessert. The timer went off on the stove at the same time she heard the familiar sound of Sams heavy footsteps headed in her direction. Uneasiness flitted through her. The need for her husband to walk into the room, pull her to him, and kiss her silly also filled her. But she doubted that would happen today. It hadnt happened in too long.

She pulled the sizzling pie from the oven as he walked into the kitchen. She heard his appreciative deep inhale of the spicy scent and the way his stomach rumbled. Hed refused breakfast before hed left for town. It sounded like he hadnt eaten at the diner either.

Something wrong? she asked warily, setting the pie on a hot pad on the counter. She knew that he wasnt around the house this time of day, except on Sundays for their usual big noon feast with the ranch hands. She couldnt imagine what had brought him here now, unless. No, it couldnt be for that reason. Shed been on her best behavior lately.

He met her gaze, looking even more serious than normal. It took him a few seconds, but he finally blurted out, I need your help with something.

Katie gaped at him, confused. She could count on one hand the number of times hed asked her for help since theyd said their I-dos. Sure, of course. She tried to study his expression, but he was even harder to read than usual. Does this have anything to do with howwith howwell, with how disgruntled youve been lately? With whats bothering you?

Sam took off his hat and set it brim up on the counter. Disgruntled, huh? Dont you mean acting like an ass?

Her blue eyes widened at his bluntness. You have been a little out of sorts. Okay, serious understatement. Hed become almost unbearable to live with.

He leaned against the counter and seemed to struggle with what to say next. His handsome face pinched in frustration until he said, When you get all grumpy and out of sorts, you get your sweet butt burned.

As always happened when they talked in any way about spanking, her cheeks flamed in acknowledgment. She was a spanked wife, as embarrassing as that was, but she accepted it because she loved her big cowboy husband far more than she disliked being spanked.

He held her gaze and she knew that he, too, was remembering how only a couple of days ago shed gone over his knee and hed spanked her bottom until it turned good and red. Not that that was unusual. He spanked her fairly regularly. She tended to get mouthy at times, had a bit more of a temper control problem than he liked, and she could be a little more independent and rebellious than he tolerated. She hated getting spanked at the time, but she easily forgave him when they had their make-up sex later.

Uncomfortable with his continued silence and frown, she pulled the oven mitts from her hand and nervously said, I havent done She didnt finish the thought, knowing he would understand anyway.

No, darlin, Im not here to talk about burning your butt again.

Thank goodness. The tension eased out of her. Okay, so why are you here? What do you want me to help you with?

He stood there looking at her as if he didnt know how to continue, as if he wished hed never walked into the kitchen. She wasnt used to him being this indecisive. She was used to the man who kindly but firmly controlled everything on the ranch and in his household. When she was in trouble, she knew it real fast. He didnt waste much time with lecturing her on the whys. He took her over his knee or bent her over something and fired up her poor bottom. Likewise, when he was in the mood for sex, he didnt waste a lot of timeunless he was in the mood for spending some long, serious time taking her from one orgasm to another. Usually he got right down to business and took her quick and hard. Generally speaking, that was good for her, too.

Sam, whats going on here? Speak to me.

He thrust his chin out, straightened his shoulders, and stated grimly, I need you to help me with my attitude problem.

She blinked. I dont understand.

His expression mirrored frustration. He shifted awkwardly. What happens when you have attitude issues?

Katie felt quivers of knowledge in her stomach. Her buttocks tingled in memory. Her cheeks grew heated again, and she said quietly, You spank me.

Bingo! He looked almost joyous that she understood.

She still didnt fully comprehend what he was getting at. You want me to spank you? Surely she was misunderstanding him.

He glanced away, and she watched color creep up his face. Embarrassed?

I dont really want to be spanked, no, he admitted and she felt relieved. I need it, though, like you do sometimes. At least I think I do.

I dont ever need to be spanked, she automatically protested, stopping when he raised one eyebrow in challenge.

He let her comment go and studied the scuffed toes of his boots. Hell, Katie, I dont really know anything except I cant keep going around growling and snapping at everyone. Including you. He looked up, and she saw his incredible love for her in his eyes. Especially you.

That roundabout apology warmed her. He didnt say he was sorry easily. This had to be tough on him, this humbling himself to come to her with this bizarre request. She chewed her lower lip for a second and finally said, Im not sure I can do it, spank you. It even sounds strange. I get spanked, not you.

Until now. His jaw was set in determination, although his eyes hinted at his wariness.

It was so hard for her to comprehend what he wanted done. Spanked. He wants me to spank him. He would never want any of his ranch hands or his friends finding out about this, just as she preferred her being a spanked wife kept private. He was pure Alpha male, dominant, a leader, the head of his house. He turned her over his knee and reddened her bottom when he felt she needed it, not that shed ever really fought him about it. This talk about punishing him was well beyond thinking out of the box, as far as she was concerned.

You love me, right?

Of course I do! Maybe youve pushed my nerves lately, but I love you anyway. She knew he wanted an answer, but she couldnt give him one right then. I need to think, Sam. You cant just spring something like this on me.

Disappointment crossed his face, but he nodded. I reckon youre right. It boggles my mind a bit thinking about it, too.

Why dont you go wait in our bedroom while I consider the matter? The second the question was out of her mouth she wondered if shed gone too far. Shed been the one sent to their bedroom in the past.

That eyebrow went up again, but he calmly said, I suppose its only right that I be sent upstairs to await my fate.

Like you make me do sometimes. When I have to go fret over what youre going to do: spank me with your hand, thrash me with your belt, or whale at me with the paddle. She nodded and gave a weak smile. Yes, I guess its your turn to deal with the whole unpleasant waiting time. Even if I decide that I cant do as you asked. Actually, she kind of liked the idea of sending him to their bedroom to think about being punished. A taste of his own medicine.

Now that Im facing this waiting time, I dont really like it. Im pretty sure you dont like it, either. He heaved a sigh and turned to walk back out of the room. Am I going to have to wait long?

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