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Twin Spirits

Author(s): Mary Winter

Twin Spirits by Mary Winter
Book #3 in the Nanook Warriors Series
erotic shape shifter menage romance (polar bear shifters)
Length: novel (about 64K words)
Cover Art by Mina Carter

Biologist Louhi Virtanen came to the remote EU outpost to combine her shamanic skills with her scientific ones. Her ability to work within the world of the Spirits, the creatures the men call Night Demons, might foster an alliance, and help avoid war within the spiritual realms. As a biologist, she can assist Sigrid in the lab documenting pollution levels and the illegal dumping activities they'd discovered. She never imagined having to balance two men as well.

Twins Marc and Hans Svetter were as different in personality as the two halves of Louhi's world. In body, both men were more than six-foot of masculine hotness, and her body craved to devour, and be devoured by both men. Except their secrets run deeper than hers, and when she pulls them into the spirit world, she discovers that these men, and their inner beasts, might be the key she needs.

First, she's going to have to help the team gather the evidence it needs, broker a truce, and also come to grips with her dual-life and the two men who make her desire to bring them all into balance...and into love.

This book contains two brothers loving the same woman. While the brothers are twins, there is not any m/m action in this book. You'll have to wait for the final book in the series. (And if you read this one, you can guess who will be starring in the last book.)


Marc Svetter paused as he passed in front of the open lab door. The soft sounds of Sigrid and Louhi's voices drifted into the hall. Drawn by Louhi's husky tones, he leaned against the wall to listen. Eavesdroppers never heard anything good about themselves; he was willing to take the risk when it came to Louhi. Though she'd come here to do some sort of spiritual mumbo-jumbo with the Night Demons—he didn't think he'd ever get used to calling them Spirits—he admired her brains. And her body.

Tall and lean, her breasts just about right to fill his hands, or so he guessed, both he and his brother thought the hot biologist might be fun. At the mention of Bjorn's name, he concentrated. So she thought they stifled her. Yeah maybe, but their bears demanded they take care of their woman, even if she didn't realize they considered her theirs..

He breathed deeply, her fresh, clean scent filling his nostrils. His cock hardened, his bear rousing at the possibility of claiming a mate. Even one who believed in the Spirits.

Marc clenched and unclenched his fist. Restless energy coursed through his veins. His thoughts flung out to Kjell and his team who was tracking down more intel on the Russian corporation. Staying behind at Bjorn's insistence chafed. The women laughed and the conversation turned to Louhi's spiritual talk. He spun away from the wall and headed down to the gym.

Hans, his spiky blond hair damp from the shower, met him in the hall. "Missed you on the weights," he said.

Marc shrugged. He'd trained yesterday. "Hey, what do you know about our hot new biologist, big brother?"

Hans chuckled, though his stance grew alert. "Not much more than you, Lillebror. Why?"

"Heard her talking to Sigrid." He gestured down the hall to the room they shared. Once inside, he closed the door, then climbed the ladder to sit on the top of the military-issue bunk beds.

"About what?" Hans sat at the computer and pulled up his email, flipping through the messages.

"She thinks Bjorn is holding her back. Wants Sigrid to talk him into letting her go out and do whatever she was sent here to do." He frowned, noticing the slight shake of Hans' head. "Hey, just because I don't believe in it, doesn't mean I think Vik is crazy."

Hans leveled a stare at his brother. "You do think Vik is crazy."

"Vik is a senior officer. I follow his orders. I don't have to decide if he's nuts or not."

Hans snorted and closed the computer browser. "You'll just play along so you can get into Louhi's pants." An edge bit into his voice, and Marc stared, really stared at his older twin.

"You think she's hot."

"Of course I do. I'm not blind and when a nearly six foot tall blonde Finnish woman walks into my compound, I'm going to notice. But I respect her work."

"With the Night Demons?" Marc stared out the window at the gray tundra beyond. Bits of grass and some semblance of life poked through the cold and icy ground.

"They're Spirits," Hans corrected. "And yeah, she's Sami. If anyone can talk to the Spirits, I bet she can. Her ancestors were here long before we showed up and they'll be here long after we leave. You're just thinking with your dick."

"It's never let me down yet." Marc winked.



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