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Erotica (The Collected Works of Amelie)

Author(s): Amelie

At last, available in one collection, the works of Amelie.
In this volume are 4 rich, diverse and substantial stories to satisfy the adult appetite.
There's romance, escapism, passion and raw sex in spades.
EROTICA - Browsing through the pages of an erotic novel opens doors to fantasies that Rachel finds impossible to control. It's not long before she has to find out for herself if such pleasures can really be found.
Set in London and Paris, this is indeed a tale of two cities.
CANDY SKIN - After a successful first term at University, Skye can't wait to get home to Edinburgh for Christmas.
She's dying to get back together with her hot boyfriend Craig and is looking forward to some fireworks when they do. Thankfully, she's not about to be disappointed.
The thing is, Craig's father has some ideas for fireworks of his own and offering Skye a vacation job in his sweet shop is only the beginning of a path that he hopes will lead to a sugary heaven.
A huge story told in 5000 words.
LOVE GAMES - Lesley has finally graduated from the school of love games.
As she lies in her bed in a rosy after-glow, she thinks back through all the stages of love-play that have helped to take her to this new high.
Another super-sensual story from Amelie, translated by Earl Mantiss-Grey and a huge tale told in 7000 words.
HEN NIGHTS - Penny's hen night has been making her nervous. What if things get out of control?
Maybe it will all be OK, after all, she has the maid-of-honour to look after her.
Unfortunately, the maid-of-honour gets the hots for the limo driver before the evening is even properly underway and it seems unlikely that the evening is gonig to be one for forgetting.
When a couple of the girls out for Penny's henny sneak off to the cloakrooms to explore each other and an ecstassy tab is slipped to Penny in the guise of a headache tablet the night turns wild.
Please be aware, if you're not familiar with Amelie's work, that it holds explicit sexual content and is therefore for adult eyes only.
This title is published by e-ROTICA and is distributed worldwide by Untreed Reads.


by Amelie
for Fabienne
and Guy De Maupassant
Twelve months we’d been trying and no luck.
Mike came back from the garage at lunchtime as promised.  He hadn’t cleaned up and I could see there was still oil under his fingernails. Not that it mattered. Foreplay was something he left for the golf course when he went out with his mates for the Sunday escape.
I was already in bed waiting.  
Everything was right. My temperature was up and it fitted in with the chart the doctor had given us.
I had the pillow under my hips and the electric blanket was keeping me warm.
Mike didn’t say a word when he undressed.  He hated it when I was ovulating.  The pressure was getting to him, I knew that.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781310913174
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 06/21/2013
Publisher: Untreed Reads

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