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Outlaw Pizza

Author(s): Steve Bartholomew

Ever since they outlawed giving presents, only outlaws give presents.
What would happen if gift-giving and Christmas were outlawed? Some guys would do stuff just because they were told they couldn't. For a couple of young desperadoes, looking to make reputations, laws were meant to be broken … especially when they're hungry for pizza.
A short work of alternate history from our Orbits line.


 We strolled down the empty street, wearing our “disguises.” Mine was a big fake earring in the shape of a skull and cross bones. It made it look like I had a pierced ear. Jake’s was a bright yellow scarf. People usually don’t remember much what other folks look like. If any witnesses were to talk to the police, they would probably say, “One of these guys had pierced ears. Wore this weird skull ring. The other guy had an ugly yellow scarf.” Useless description. Of course we never wore the same disguise twice.
It was getting dark. Not many people out at this time of year. There was a bite in the air, like it might snow. It looked like slim pickings, unless we got lucky.
Jake nudged me and nodded toward an old man just going around the corner. We followed him in our soft shoes, making no noise. We managed to corner the guy in an apartment house doorway. He had a folded newspaper under his arm. Jake got in front of him, with me in back. 
“This is a shake-down,” Jake said. “Don’t make any noise and you won’t get hurt. How much money do you have?”
The old guy pulled an ancient wallet out of the pocket of his worn-out coat. He looked inside.
“Eight dollars and forty-two cents,” he said. His voice was hoarse, like he’d been sick for a long time. “I don’t get my retirement check till next week,” he said. 
Jake shook his head. “Eight forty-two. That’s pathetic. Here’s two bucks. Don’t argue, and don’t call the cops till we’re gone, or we’ll come back and beat you up.”
Jake shoved two ones in the old guy’s wallet, and we took off fast.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781611872088
Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published: 12/01/2011
Publisher: Untreed Reads

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