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Vegan Moon: Book One of the California Wolf Code

Author(s): Kerri Nelson

When a vegetarian werewolf falls for a celebrity chef, will his appetite for her cause him to stray from his vegan ways?

Santiago Salazar is a reformed werewolf living in sunny Beverly Hills, California.  When he catches sight of celebrity chef Gabrielle Connor on television, he’s soon drooling in his tofu burger.After they meet at one of Gabbi’s book signings, Santiago is thrilled to discover that the attraction is mutual.  The two hit it off in a major way but when the night takes a dark turn…Gabbi must decide if she can live with the new world that she’s discovered and Santiago must ultimately answer to the werewolf code of conduct.Take one hungry werewolf and mix with one lonely chef, stir in some hot sex and Vegan Moon delivers a tasty treat that will keep you coming back for more.


His eyes were literally drinking her in as he reached forward to place a copy of the book before her. She cleared her throat and then managed to squeak out the words, “Who shall I make it out to?” As he spoke his name, she watched his tongue roll off the back of his blindingly white teeth and she felt a tremor through her body. “Santiago?” she repeated.  Just one name had never caused a response in her like the one she was feeling now.  Although it seemed like the craziest thought in the world, she had the sudden urge to just climb over the table and wrap her legs around his tall, lean frame. She reached for her water bottle before she touched his book.  She had to get control of herself.  She knew that she was having ridiculous thoughts about a perfect stranger. “Have you read the book?” she asked as something inside her ached to hear his melodic voice again. “I’m ashamed to say no but I plan to devour each and every word of it.  I can assure you.” She stopped writing and looked up at him again.  His head was lilting slightly to the right and she could swear that he was focused on her lips.  Without thinking, she ran the tip of her tongue over her lips.  This was swiftly followed by the sound of something like a low groan coming directly from him.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615722051
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 09/07/2010
Publisher: Eternal Press

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