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Wedding Crashers

Author(s): Sage Burnett

Sexy Nate Walker, an undercover cop, operating out of bounds and under the radar, is attempting to bust one of the biggest drug dealers, Lucas Becker, in the state of Montana. What he hadn't planned on was bumping into his Callie Jensen, the woman he ran out on years ago, at Lucas Becker's wedding reception.

Nate wants Becker taken down because of what happened to his younger sister. His instincts warn him that he's been made, that Becker is on to him. When Callie creates a major disturbance at the reception, Nate loses it when Becker's bodyguards man handle her. Nate drags a protesting and uncooperative Callie from the reception.

With some fancy foot work, Callie and Nate manage to elude the gun toting bodyguards, while discovering that the sexual chemistry still burns red-hot between the two of them. High speed car chases and dodging bullets can't seem to stop the reunited lovers from raising the heat level in spite of the life threatening danger.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60659-071-3
Genre: Suspense
Date Published:
Publisher: Phaze Books

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