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Where Shadows Lie: Steeler's Mill

Author(s): J. E. Cammon

The vampire Jarvis has seen much in his centuries of being: slavery, wars, and the birth of a nation. The town of Steeler’s Mill is his next stop. The vampire is in search of a place to dwell on his immortality in peace. However, something is amiss in the tiny slum of a train-stop town. The Mill is more than what it
seems. There are hidden doors to other worlds beyond mirrors and shadow, where there stalk things that feed on dreams and hope. Things the vampire thought were only legend.

Finally, he reached the place called Steeler’s Mill. The train stopped, and in his hand the small vial lolled
back and forth, spun gently like it had its own will and desires. Jarvis slid the door open and inspected his new home. In the night, from the train yard, the place looked the same. For a moment, he wondered at maybe seeing David, or even Nick again, and thought it would have been nice. As he walked, Jarvis
discovered new things, and they spoke that this was not the place he had haunted for so long. Before him, birds took flight, rats scurried, and other night walking animals ran from sight; some of them held their ground and snarled, barked, and whined.

A bit of time passed before he stopped in the street, sensing others like him. They were many, but weak. The sensation blossomed into a memory in his mind. The last time Jarvis had sensed so many young ones he was still relatively unknowing himself. He was still carving out his territory, and there had been a great convening. Some believed in a solitary way of things, while others thought that quantity was the best way to exist. Jarvis’ only contribution was that Bay City was his, and all those who disagreed would either flee or perish. He had fought and destroyed so many, but in the end it was for nothing. Being adaptable proved to be the most useful trait. Things would be different this time, he thought.

He came upon them like he had that last time. There was no conversation, and no quarter. Some of them had no idea at how to use their strength; most had no strength at all to use. When it was done, the place was quiet and Jarvis surveyed the location. The others were so young that decay did not touch them. Most of their bones remained draped in flesh. . Jarvis had not found a substantial member of the fallen, but if they had a leader, they would either leave, or they would die. Jarvis would not take the whole city, this time. He would take only what he needed.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615728565
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 02/01/2013
Publisher: Eternal Press

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