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Who Blew Up My Ship?

Author(s): Rod Spurgeon

Lost in time, big on ego, short on StimCap…can the crew of the Galaxy overcome their own shortcomings long enough to stay alive?

After losing their new, unused battleship to a presumed act of piracy, the crew of the aged starcruiser Galaxy doggedly pursues those they believe responsible. Their path is far from clear as they find themselves facing unspeakable horrors in the form of an exploding sun, an invasive computer virus, a horde of pirate zombies, and incredible leaps through time. Can the crew survive long enough to bring the pirates to justice?



“Goober, get a tractor beam on that pod and haul it into the shuttle bay,” Mintax barked, thinking of all the needed supplies he wanted to buy with the reward.

“Right away, sir!” Goober responded excitedly, wondering what interesting stories the crew in the small vessel would have to tell.

The beam successfully latched onto the pod and drew it toward the shuttle bay. Once the pod reached its destination, it bounced off the still closed shuttle bay doors. The tractor beam quickly deactivated as a preprogrammed safety precaution.

As the pod slowly floated away from the Galaxy, Mintax bellowed, “Goober!”
“Oops! Sorry, Captain,” Goober responded with a worried grin. “I knew I forgot something.”
“Just open the damn door this time and get that pod inside before they die of old age,” Mintax ordered.

“But, sir, they only have a few hours of life support left. I doubt they’d live long enough to get that old,” he said knowingly as he brushed back a clump of long, golden-brown hair that had fallen in front of his brown eyes.

“Goober!” He glared at his science and communications officer, wondering just what the hell he was thinking when he hired him several years ago. After a fraction of a second, he remembered that the young man had the two qualifications he needed most—he was both cheap and available.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615727940
Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published: 11/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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