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Winter Storm

Sequel to Autumn Leaves

Author(s): Barbara Winkes

For Callie and Rebecca, finding each other was the easy part…

In the follow-up to Autumn Leaves, Rebecca and Callie have made a commitment to their relationship. New challenges arise as Rebecca continues to find her identity. Callie is confronted with an ex she would have preferred to avoid. Nicole wants to be back together with her, and she uses all her manipulative skills trying to achieve that goal.
With a new minister in town, and an unexpected threat, Rebecca and Callie will face even bigger trials. How much can their new-found love take?


“Nicole. What the hell are you doing here?”
“That is the question of the year,” Asha murmured behind her. In fact, she practically hissed. Callie felt a little safer.
“Isn’t it obvious? I just wanted to see you.” It was the smile Callie had once found attractive, but too many memories had come in between.
“I didn’t want to see you, sorry. No, actually, I’m not sorry. I want you to leave.”
“Come on, Callie, wait. You can’t do that. I know I have a lot to make up for, but this is a public place, and I just came to say hello.”
“Well, you did. Hello. Bye, Nicole.”
“Can’t you just give me a few minutes? Please. I swear I’ll get lost after that.”
“I’ve gave you a year of my life,” Callie said darkly. “Big mistake. I know better now.” A begging Nicole was worse than in her angry times. Callie just wanted to do whatever it took to end this awkward situation the fastest.
“You want to talk? I can’t imagine anything that we would have to talk about.”
“I want to apologize. For everything.” Her eyes were glistening with tears. “I need to do this for myself as much as I need to do it for you. I know I’ve been a horrible person, but people can change. I know I have.”
“Good for you.” Callie got up so abruptly she nearly knocked over her chair. “Now that we have cleared that up, I really have to go.”
Nicole looked disappointed. What the hell had she expected?
“You know Sean gave me your email.”
“Oh yes.” Callie had let her brother know exactly what she’d thought about that. “I didn’t ask him to. I think you did whatever it was that you wanted to do. See ya. Oh wait. I hope not.”
It was remarkable how brave she was with a table between them, and Asha at her back. Callie was aware that her hands were shaking. Nicole sighed, obviously disappointed.
“I was hoping that we…could maybe have a drink somewhere. Just talk. I promise.”
“No way, Nicole!”
“Why is that?”
“Because she’s with me,” Rebecca said,
her unexpected appearance such a relief that Callie wondered for a moment if she’d simply imagined her.

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Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 02/01/2013
Publisher: Eternal Press

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