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Wolf Man

Author(s): John Reinhard Dizon

One beautiful woman. One underworld conspiracy. One silver bullet.

Photojournalist Steve Lurgan returns from the War in Kosovo under an ancient curse and falls in love with a Serbian national in modern-day NYC. Jana Dragana’s career is being compromised by her drug addiction, but her exploiters end up as victims of a mysterious attack dog. NYPD detective, Darko Lucic suspects the murders are part of a larger conspiracy. It is the presence of Serbian Army Captain, Bojan Evilenko in NYC that makes him believe the answers lie in an underground network of human organ traffickers in this unique tale of intrigue and supernatural horror.


“I know you’re in there somewhere. We have to rescue Jana and stop Evilenko. His truck’s getting ready to take off, and I’ll never get back behind the wheel in time.”

At once the giant wolf rushed off in the direction of the garage. Darko looked up and saw Jana looking down from the second floor window, and beckoned her down as he squatted agonizingly to retrieve his other crutch. He only hoped that the cops did not show up, or that a passerby did not hear the screams of the maimed gunman and call the police. He had no doubt that if Evilenko escaped, he would sell the harvested organs to the Chinese before fleeing the country. He had not the slightest idea about the anthrax bomb. His only concern was arresting Evilenko before he could leave the premises. Yet he would not have been surprised if Evilenko had rigged the truck with explosives to destroy the evidence if necessary.

He hobbled painfully from the front of the warehouse to the garage, tears of pain streaming down his cheeks. He saw the sliding door had been partially raised, and managed to bend over enough to slip inside. He saw the huge truck idling before him, and to his left Evilenko sat cowering before the beast as it had him trapped by the control panel in the corner.

“Okay, Bojan, just don’t make any false moves. That thing just tore up four of your guys outside,” Darko inched carefully towards the truck. “It’s all over, we don’t want anyone else to get killed here. I’m gonna try and make it to the truck and turn it off. Whatever you do, don’t get that damned thing excited.”

“It’s Lurgan, you know that, you fool,” Evilenko replied hoarsely. “He still can think clearly and understand, otherwise I’d be dead. I’ve already armed the bomb, it’s set to go off within the hour. By the time you call your friends and they send the bomb squad, the weapon will have covered all of Flatbush with anthrax.”

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ISBN (Print): 9781629291123
ISBN (Electronic): 9781629291116
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 12/01/2013
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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