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Prynne's Island

Author(s): Claralice Hanna Wolf

In midst of a world of ambition, greed and class distinctions, Adam
Prynne sets out to build a society based on love and mutual respect.
He's the right man for the job; he has the vision, and the mandate. The
"Red Prophet" has planted a seed that sets young Adam thinking
differently than his peers.
The questions he asks make people uncomfortable--everyone but Zoe, who
becomes his wife. Then, he receives the gift of an island, the very
island prophesied by the "Red Prophet". It's not just any island. Its
only other inhabitants, the ever elusive unicorns, testify to that.
They speak sometimes--to those who have ears to listen. Some, among
Adam and Zoe's children, and others who come to share the vision, do
listen. Some hear other voices. Can Adam, Zoe, and his posterity
overcome the darker side of human nature and build a world of equality
and justice? Can they make it last, generation after generation? Let's

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781921636080
Genre: Fantasy
Date Published:
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing

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