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Gemma Ridley’s first encounter with Squire Kenrik proves nothing short of alarming. So much so, she considers fleeing back to the city, despite the fact only poverty and scandal await her there. Could those challenges be worse than staying as governess on a haunted estate and working for a dangerously handsome eccentric?

Little does Gemma realize what dark secrets and wondrous enchantments will transform her life at Rook Hall. Squire Kenrik is more than he seems—more than any man she has known. He may be the source of her undoing, or he may hold the key to her deepest desires. Only time and the guidance of her heart will tell.

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Yahoo Events

  • October 26, 2016: Autumn Celebration Chat with Natalie-Nicole Bates from 3:00pm-7:00pm EST in the Chatters E-loop 



Do you like Steampunk? Do you know Steampunk? Want to meet the authors who give us those great stories? You can see it here

Here are our guests for the month:

  • 15th - Heather Massey's Steampunk Cafe'


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  • Purple Hazel

Show it off Saturday

Join us in celebration of our new event, Show it Off Saturday. It's going to be fun. Get a look into new books, blurbs, and other goodies on Facebook! So grab a friend, grab a drink, and get ready...

October 8th

Author Trinity Blacio - giveaway 1 paperback copy of The Marriage Ultimatum



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1 CTRR Awards
2 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Zenobia Renquist
3 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Kim Knight
5 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Eva Gordon
7 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Tarah Scott and Evan Trevane
8 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Claire Gem
10 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with Kayelle Allen
15 Coffee Time Romance Presents New Release Central

Heroes walk the earth every day, and we’re here to show you who they are. Friday, Oct 14, Coffee Time Romance presents the newest and best romantic heroes. Whether your guy wears a uniform, jeans and a cowboy had, a kilt or breeches, we have them all. Come by our blog and find your next book boyfriend.

20 Author Excerpt Day
22 Coffee, Books, and a Blog with KyAnn Waters and Tarah Scott
30 Author Spotlight Spooky Love

October is the month for things that go bump in the night, and Coffee Time Romance knows just which romances have the right kind of bump. Come on by for a little bit of spooky love on Sunday, October 30. We have those heroes that will send the best kind of shiver through you on All Hallows Eve.


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Coffee Crew News

We could not bring you everything we do without our devoted Coffee Crew. They work hard behind the scenes to make it all happen! Congratulations to these staffers on surviving for another year (wink):

Renee - 4 years

Check out their staffer pages here.

GoSip with Staff

Readers...You've heard from our staffers, now we'd love to hear from you! Pour another cup of coffee, take a nibble of your favorite treat, and share your answer to our question. Readers who contribute an answer will be entered into a contest for a prize. But more importantly, let's keep the GoSip Going! Here next month's question:

Tell us about your favorite scary tales - horror stories, thrillers, ghost stories - the books that give you chills!

llaph: I like to read a lot of different genres and horror is one of the first genres that I ever read. It started from when I was a teenager and reading RL Stine and Christopher Pike books to when I got older and graduated to Clive Barker and Stephen King. By the way in case you didn’t know they are both writers of some scary, scary stories! My first Clive Barker book was an anthology of some of his short stories and one of them was the story that spawned the Candy man movie—The Forbidden. I never saw the movie mostly because I was sure that it couldn’t stand up to the freakishly scary atmosphere Barker could create with his well-placed words. The story was less than 100 pages, but it felt like I had read a full-length novel by time I was done. I also had a new deep-seated fear of mirrors and saying candy man while looking in one. I have read a ton of Stephen King’s works, but the one that is most memorable is The Shining—no I didn’t see this movie either. There was one scene where the protagonist is walking towards the door of a hotel room, enters it, gets nosey, looks into the bathroom, checks behind the shower curtain, and then walks back out. Logically that whole bit probably would take a few minutes, but King drug it out masterfully and it felt like it took for forever and I kept wanting to hide my eyes—which doesn’t work because I’m blind and listen to my books nowadays—and had me on the edge of my proverbial seat the entire scene.   What was the worst part about that you ask? Well, the fact that nothing really happened that’s what. These days I don’t read much horror, but answering this question got me all nostalgic feeling and thinking I might pick up an old favorite to read.

Send us your answer here:

Our Featured Authors

  • Amy Rose Bennett
  • Sharon Buchbinder
  • Linda HadawayNEW
  • Anya Howard
  • Jean Joachim
  • Carole Ann Moleti
  • Christina QuinnNEW
  • Helen A. Rosburg
  • Laura Tolomei

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Forum Fun

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This is the book lover's community that has been waiting for you.  Join us for fun and meet people who share the same love of books that you do.

Java Junction is filled with publisher and author groups. 

Special Interests is filled with hobbies, fun things, cooking tips, recipes, etc

Writing Seminar - Click here

25 October

Branding Yourself at a Writers Convention

Getting lost in a sea of authors at a genre writers convention is a common woe as a writer. How do you make yourself standout without making yourself ridiculous? This seminar will show you some common sense ways to stand out from the crowd and make your brand known. Some of the methods cost nothing and others may involve a little cash. All of them require effort and a strong confidence in yourself as a writer and as a business person.



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Coffee Time Recommended Reads

CTRR Award

Our Coffee Crew works hard every day reading and writing those great reviews because we love it. Out of all the books that the entire staff reads, occassionally one raises to the top of our Staffer's mind. A special book that is just so wonderful, we feel it deserves an extra acknowledgement. So once a month, our Coffee Crew awards a book with the CTRR Award and share it with you.

Not every member of our Coffee Crew will have a 'special' book they recommend, so when one of the books is selected, you know it is special! Stop by our blog to see which books were nominated and won this month...or in the past!

Congratulations to this month's winners:

Did you see last week's winners:


Publisher & Author News

Avon Author

Emma Cane is thrilled to show off the cover of the second book in her Fairfield Orchard series, A SPICED APPLE WINTER, coming in January. Check it out here.

LRWA online courses

Word Choice Made Simpler

Presented by MM Pollard
Dates: Oct 3 – 28, 2016
Cost: $20

Course Description:
Is this you? “What difference does it make if I use me for I and drug for dragged? The reader will get it.”

Or is this you? Eager and anxious – They mean pretty much the same thing – so what difference does it make if I use one or the other?

Trust MM Pollard, it makes a difference! Writers today must be their own editors because publishing firms are downsizing just like other businesses.

In her four-week workshop Word Choice Made Simpler, she covers confusing words and phrases that often spell confusion for writers and their readers and give you tips to use to remember what you learn during the workshop. Even if you slept through high school English class, you will understand and be able to apply her information to your own writing. MM also adds a splash of humor to make each lesson “go down easier.”

Each lesson comes with homework. MM gives feedback on every assignment students return. Think of homework as an opportunity for mini-edits by MM.

Instructor Bio:
MM Pollard puts her training as a certified copy editor, her skills as English teacher extraordinaire, and her experience as editor with Black Velvet Seductions to good use in presenting workshops for writers. She has helped many writers improve their language and writing skills through her fun workshops sponsored by Savvy Authors, Writer U, many RWA chapters, and in her virtual classroom. MM is sure she can help you, too, master the fundamentals of English composition.

MM presented her first face-to-face workshop during the Florida Romance Writers’ Conference Cruise in February, 2015, and lived to show pictures! She would love to present at more conferences in the future as well as continue her online workshops.

MM Pollard, the MM in Workshops with MM, editor, Black Velvet Seductions

MM’s Fundamentals of English

Register for this Course

Alphas: Leaders of the Pack

Presented by Robin Matheson
Dates: Oct 3 – 28, 2016
Cost: $20

Course Description:

You don’t like me, Bond. You don’t like my methods. You think I’m an accountant, a bean counter who’s more interested in my numbers than your instincts. … Good, because I think you’re a sexist, misogynist dinosaur. …

-Judy Dench as M to Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in Goldeneye

Someone has to save our skins. Into the garbage chute, fly boy.

-Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia to Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars: A New Hope

Who is he and what’s her story?

Using numerous examples from movies and books, award winning author Robie Madison demystifies the male and female alpha archetype.

Topics include:

1. The Basics behind Pack Mentality and the Dominant Wolf
2. Key Personality Profile Traits of a Typical Alpha
3. Identifying an Alpha Skill Set
4. Goals and Motivations: The Focused Alpha
5. Archetypal Alphas
6. On Being a Man—On Being a Woman: The Alpha’s Emotional Vulnerabilities

Instructor Bio:
An award winning author, Robin Matheson holds an honors specialist degree in Classical Civilization and English and a Master of Education. She’s taught numerous courses at college, overseas, and online courses on writing since 2004. Her in depth knowledge of mythical structures combined with her dynamic presentation style, have made courses such as The Journey Cycle and Crisis, Climax, Resolution: Writing to the End popular.

One of Robin’s greatest passions is traveling. In addition to their home base in Canada, she and her family have also lived in South East Asia and South Africa. Visit her at

Register for this Course

The Culture of War, Weapons and Violence During the Regency

Presented by Merien Grey
Dates: Oct 3 – 28, 2016
Cost: $20

Course Description:
Working as an intelligence professional for over a decade, one aspect I always had to consider was how the cultures and peoples I observed placed value on life. I was required to determine everything from how desensitized they were to violence and suffering, to how far they would go to preserve a life or how easily they would take it. Character research in fiction is done via many of the same basic principles. Where characters are concerned, watching one make life and death decisions or if and how they use a weapon, can be as telling as watching them give a tender caress or make love. If done subtly, a reader can discern more about a character in a few seconds of violence, or how the character reacts to violence, than in several paragraphs or even chapters’ worth of backstory.

This class will cover the culture of war and violence just prior to and during the Regency. It will also cover several classes of weapon and various individual weapons for the purpose of representing them and their use accurately. To cover a weapon without covering how, why and to what degree of ferocity it was employed provides only a small portion of the story. Over the month, we will cover how people who lived during the Regency looked at violence, how they came to feel that way, which weapons they might use for any number of confrontations and why. In each section, I will provide a list of programs, videos, photos and references. Upon closing, I will give each participant a free pass to ask about one class related aspect specific to their work in progress, at their convenience, off loop, to round out the subject matter and make sure every student takes something useful away from the class.

Instructor Bio:
Merien Grey spent over a decade traveling the world as a military intelligence analyst observing all manner of people and their behavior. During her exploits, she was forced to develop a working knowledge of what many consider “historical” weapons since many third world countries still use them. This line of study took on a life of its own and became a hobby she has enjoyed and built on over the years. When she began writing Regency romance, it was a natural progression to make the Regency her main period of interest. It has been her favorite recreational study subject for over a decade now. Merien has degrees specializing in Anthropology, Sociology, English and Communications Technology. Merien currently lives in the shadow of Mount Rainier in Washington state with her husband, two dogs and a kiddo who rules the land with an iron hand, at least until bedtime.

Online Courses Registration Form - Low Country Romance Writers


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