My Books

These are the titles and covers of my current sweet romance books in print.
  1. When her best friend disappears without a trace, Marianne is perplexed. Since the girl’s parents seem opposed to an all-out investigation, Marianne...
  2. Love Never Lies is an inspirational romance that challenges a young woman to trust the man she loves.
  3. The Secret of Castlegate Manor is a regency novel with a twist of mystery.
  4. The Prodigaql Heart
  5. An Artful Deception combines romance with intrigue as the heroine attempts to extricate herself from a lie that she now regrets.
  6. A Flame in the Wind is set in the early days of the settling of Australia.
  7. Fragile Dreams Is a Civil War story in which a young woman must choose between loyalty and love.
  8. Stolen Dreams is the story of an Indian girl who was adopted as a baby by a white family. As she struggles to find acceptance, there is one person...
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