My Life...

My furkids, my beautiful hubby and our gorgeous piece of heaven
  1. Mr. Diesel is now 6 months old. He weighs in at 80 lbs. and is definitely the life of our home!
  2. An Oklahoma sunset. I took this from my backyard.
  3. Diesel at 4 months old.
  4. This is Big Jake's Lil Diesel, Diesel for short! He is the latest addition to our furry family.
  5. Rich- my husband. Doesn't he look delighted to have his picture taken? The things he'll do for my mother! All because she wasn't there when he opened...
  6. Kodiak-(our 10 year old Chow mix)- she's the one who started this whole family. After we found out that I couldn't have children, my wonderful...
  7. Ozzy-(my 8 year old Rottie)- he passed away 2 weeks after his 8th birthday. He was very much a Mama's boy and the love of my life(next to my hubby).
  8. Valentine-(our 10 year old German Shepherd)- she is my hubby's baby! Sweet dog for what she went through as a pup.
  9. Klondike-(our 9 year old Chow/ Pit Bull mix)- the best thing I ever got at a garage sale! Such attitude! My husband says she is a lot like me;)
  10. Jazzy(our 13 year old Springer Spaniel mix)- she is still so full of life and energy
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