Here are the covers of my backlist e-book titles
  1. I never had a beefcake cover so I thought why not?
  2. In my head Cathy and Fin really sort of look like this.
  3. The horse's eye is important in the story.
  4. The prologue of the book is set in Egypt. That's what I was going for with this one.
  5. I just adore this one. It screams Regency.
  6. Similar to the print cover, which was awesome.
  7. Aftershock  
The sequel to The Patriot. Conan returns, and so does Nevin Maxwell. I received almost as many letters about Max as I did Conan....
  8. The Cat Before Christmas  
A Christmas novella. The main character is Wiki, a Siamese cat that loves Christmas. This story was so much fun to...
  9. The Patriot  
Lots of action and suspense, and of course, romance! The debut of Conan the mercenary. I received tons of reader mail about Conan....
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