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  1. Hello Everyone!
  2. Angel's Fire, Demon's Blood has a new home
  3. Have you read Blood of the Beast?
  4. My Lord Raven
  5. I've a trailer for Blood of the Beast!!
  6. Oooh, I'm tickled pink!
  7. The review are coming in for Blood Moon!
  8. Angel’s Fire, Demon’s Blood is now in the U.K.
  9. A Simple Shrimp and Seafood Pasta for my Darling Friends
  10. Hi Everyone--I'm back!
  11. Angel's Fire, Demon's Blood now has a video
  12. The Romance of a Name–or how easy is it to screw up a hero’s image?
  13. Have you considered the darkness found in fairy tales?
  14. A Sinfully Delicious Monte Cristo
  15. Healthier Expectations–or the reason why I’m not built like Mylie
  16. Me---at the movies!
  17. German Apple Cake for your Coffee
  18. Potato salad for the family--yep, I'm back with more recipes
  19. Southwestern Styled Cottage Cheese Dip
  20. A Sneak Peek into what I'm working on---Tears of Blood
  21. I'm posting reviews of the latest books I've read.
  22. The End of The Order–My review of Shannon Bailey’s latest masterpiece
  23. Keta Diablo’s Magnolia Heat—the South ain’t as HOT as this book!
  24. Okay, so just how do you pronounce my name?
  25. Strawberries are on the menu!
  26. My review of Catherine Bybee’s Paranormal Romance, Embracing the Wolf
  27. Tears of Blood
  28. On my side of the fence...
  29. This past week on HBO
  30. The recipes are back!
  31. Goodnight, Bernie
  32. A belated Happy Sista's Day
  33. Halloween is almost here!
  34. Happy Veterans' Day
  35. Happy Birthday!
  36. What are you bringing to the table for Thanksgiving?
  37. Luscious, moist cornbread for the holidays
  38. Can I have some more, please???
  39. Looking for something sweet?
  40. A date which will live in infamy
  41. I’m counting the days until Christmas….
  42. Let's Warm up the holidays!
  43. Step into the Paranormal Realm of Those Among Us
  44. Updating my readers
  45. The Vaaden Captives Series offers a new look into Sci-Fi Romance
  46. Blood of the Beast and Blood Moon have been nominated!!
  47. My Lord Raven---Oooh, I love the new cover!!
  48. Moonlight Deception is almost done!
  49. Moonlight Deception is off to the Publisher!
  50. Blood Moon...now available in more places
  51. I'm re-releasing Angel's Fire!
  52. As you can tell, I've been busy!
  53. My Lord Raven has a new review!
  54. New author's page on Facebook