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  4. Back from Destin, Florida, and I Have a Gift
  5. Welcome to the third day of June Jubliee
  6. Destin, Florida, a Blessed Beach So Far
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  8. Interview with romance author Loree Lough
  9. A New Devotional, Oh, To Be Magnetic
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  18. Football and Chip Beef Dip
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  22. A Lizard in the Sand
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  25. Insight into art, women and spirituality
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  33. Christmas Love, Fun, Giveaways and Prizes
  34. Interview about Clash of the Titles
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  36. Jennifer Slattery Talks about Clash of the Titles and Her Writing
  37. A Devotional and a Giveaway
  38. About Love Turns the Tide and The Sweetest Romance Authors Sci-Fi Story
  39. Not a Dress Rehearsal
  40. I guess it was a dress rehearsal
  41. Love Letters
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  43. Interview & Giveaway Take Two
  44. My Mysterious Rose
  45. Interview, Giveaway, Excerpt
  46. Devotional & The Devil and the Duck story
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  49. Happy St. Patrick's Day - Lucky Giveaway - Choose from 23 Books
  50. Regina Andrews Interview and a New Excerpt
  51. Tomorrow - Lenten Devotional by Lisa Lickel and Book Giveaway
  52. An Easter Devotional
  53. Double the Fun -- Two Book Giveaways
  54. Boob Brew Giveaway & To Hurt To Love Again
  55. All About Priat, Shadowed in Silk and A Giveaway
  56. A Modern Day Miracle & a Signed Book Giveaway
  57. Mystery, Intrigue, Book Release Giveaway and E-book Giveaway
  58. An Interview
  59. Beach Walking with God
  60. Devotional & Book Giveaway
  61. Finding Refuge Because of a Storm
  62. Win a copy of Chasing Sunsets
  63. Interview and Book Giveaway
  64. A Good Laugh with a Spiritual Message
  65. Linda Weaver Clarke Giving Away Bunches of Books
  66. A Beautiful Love Story
  67. Nike Chillemi, the Crime Fictionista, talks about Burning Hearts and Protection
  68. Maid of Murder Author & Agatha Christie Award Nominee on my Blog
  69. Meet Jennifer and Ashe Slattery: Parenting with Prayer
  70. Book Giveaway: Love Turns the Tide
  71. Devotional and Chance to Win a Short Story
  72. A New Review of Love Turns the Tide
  73. Help Define the Sweet Tea Line
  74. The July 4th Spectacular at my House
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  77. Interview with Regina Andrews & excerpt
  78. Staci Stallings Interview about books and a dangerous school situation
  79. Blog in Top Ten List
  80. Announcing a Faith-Based Facebook Page
  81. Interview and Book Giveaway by Inspirational Historical Romance Author
  82. Hiding the Obvious
  83. Interview & Book Giveaway / Christian Regency Romance
  84. Interview & Book Give Away / Edgy Inspirational Fiction
  85. An excerpt from Love Turns the Tide up for voting
  86. Book Giveaway -- Mayan Intrique
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  88. Read about a New Western Series
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  90. A chat with Mildred Colvin, a Disciplined Writer and a Giveaway
  91. Busy Monday: K Dawn Byrd Interview and Give Away on My Blog / I'm on Doggy Tales
  92. Interview and Love Turns the Tide Give Away
  93. Author E.A. West blogs about Christmas and Autism and Talks About Key to Charlotte
  94. Interview-I.B. Nosey
  95. Give Away: Melinda and the Wild West
  96. Christmas Love / Merry Christmas blog
  97. Lynette Sowell Talks about Writing and Gives Away a Copy of Cherry Blossom Capers
  98. Free download of Splickety with My Short Story, Lifeline, in It
  99. Ooops! Splickety put up wrong magazine. Here's the link for the right one
  100. Mystery/Romance Series Launch/Free Downlaod - The Secret of the Love Letters
  101. Sharing a New Review for Love Turns the Tide
  102. Anne Patrick Book Launch & Give Away and May 17th in My Forum
  103. Books, Books and More Books / May be a Give Away or Two
  104. K Dawn Byrd Talks about Shattered Identity
  105. Tyora Moody Talks about When Rain Falls / Give Away
  106. Devotional of How Sad Childhood Affected Author's Writing + Free E-Book for a Comment
  107. Bonnie Leon Devotional About Jesus' Time in Garden of Gethsemane and Book Give Away
  108. Fay Lamb Talks about Because of Me--Not Your Usual Christian Fiction--Give Away
  109. Big Birthday Bash -- Give Away -- Ten Books a Day
  110. Mary Urban Give Away for Tapestry of Trust about romance and second chances
  111. Writing & Wit of Jeanette Levellie / "Can Preachers Have Sex on Sunday?" Give Away
  112. Kathryn Bain Talks About Catch Your Breath and Gives Away an E-book
  113. Inspirational Writing of Jude Urbanski, Grandma Glady's Fudge Recipe and Give Away
  114. Lillian Duncan's New Book, Dark Alleys - The Dark Alleys in Our Lives & a Give Away
  115. Cathy West Talks about New Book, Hidden in the Heart / Give Away
  116. June Foster's As We Forgive Blog Tour / Book Discussiion / Prize Package Give Away
  117. New Book Series, Book Give Away, 1800's Apple Pie Recipe and Favorite Bible Verses
  118. Book Give Away of Shadowed Dreams by Tina Pinson / Inspiring Thanksgiving Devotional
  119. New Clash of the Titles Competition
  120. I'm in a Next Big Thing Blog Hop / Writing about WIP, Hot Cash and Hair Calamities
  121. Love Inspired Suspense Author Jodi Bailey's New Military Romance / Give Away
  122. Anita Higman's A Merry Little Christmas Give Away
  123. Love Turns the Tide on Sale At Awe-Struck Publishing until January 2nd
  124. Donna Winters/ Book Talk/ Recipe/ Bible Verse and Give Away
  125. Free Dowload Samplers of Anita Hignan's New Devotional Book
  126. K. Dawn Byrd Talks about Her New Teen Novel and Gives Away a Download
  127. K Dawn Byrd Talks about Her New Book, Amazing Love, and God's Unconditional Love
  128. Contest/ Furn / Prizes/ Celebrating New Releases by Several Authors
  129. Talking about New Release Stopped Cold
  130. Talking about Stopped Cold / Give Away
  131. Mother's Day Poem, When a Crisis Comes, and the story behind Stopped Cold
  132. Nike Chillemi Talks about Burning Hearts, Grace Awards Finalist,2011, Now in Print.
  133. Regina Andrews Visits, Gives Away $10 Amazon GC and PDF Download of Her New Book
  134. Sweet Romance Author Larry Hammersley Visits - Give Away
  135. Looking for a place, finding meaning -- Margaret McWhorter in Stopped Cold
  136. Inspirational Anthology, Sweet Freedom with a Slice of Peach Cobbler, Free on Amazon
  137. Summer's Sizzling at Front Porch Romance / Sale / Contest for Kindle Fire
  138. New Five-Star Review for Stopped Cold
  139. Sizzlin' Summer Sale Still Going on at Front Porch Romance
  140. Suspense Author Anne Patrick Visit and Give Away
  141. Anita Higman Visit and Give Away
  142. Book Talk, Give Away and Yummy Recipe
  143. Great Give Aways, Inlcuding Stopped Cold, at the Spootacular on The Balanced Writer
  144. Merry Christmas Everyone!! Give Away for Stopped Cold!
  145. Stopped Cold in Preditors /Editors Readers' Poll - Young Adult
  146. Visit and Give Away
  147. Stopped Cold on Teens of Today and Tomorrow - E-book Give Away
  148. Author Interview with Fay Lamb about Stopped Cold
  149. June Foster Book Discussion and Give Away of Ryan's Father.
  150. Participating in Sweet Romance Event with 30-Plus Authors - Games, Prizes, Giveaways
  151. Mental Health Counselor Weaves Romance about a War Vet Amputee. Give Away
  152. The Powerful, Miraculous Easter Message
  153. Romance, Mayhem & Faith Writer Anne Patrick Visit and Give Away
  154. Coming Soon Stopped Cold New Edition
  155. Award-winning author June Foster Talks about Red and the Wolf. Gives Away a Copy
  156. New Revised Edition of Stopped Cold Just Out in E-book
  157. Just Out from Suzanne Matthews The Captain's Promise
  158. New From Trista Jaszczak - Little Red - A Retold Fairytake romance
  159. Celebrating the Re-launch of Stopped Cold at The Book Club Network. Contest / Prizes!
  160. Visiting Susanne Matthews to Talk about Stopped Cold
  161. Jennifer Slattery Devotional,Closed Doors. Talks about book, Beyond I Do. Give Away
  162. New Fun Book - Re-told Fairy Tale - Mountain of Love and Danger - 99 cents
  163. Release Day - Mountain of Love and Danger - 99 cents/ Brief excerpt
  164. Sharing Good News - Mountain of Love and Danger a Best-seller on Amazon
  165. Great Message for Teens This Christmas
  166. Stopped Cold on sale for 99 cents for Christmas. Thanks to my publisher!
  167. Connie Almony Talks about One Among Men. Gives Away an e-Book
  168. Mountain of Love and Danger Free on Smashwords
  169. Mountain of Love and Danger Free on Amazon
  170. Romance in Outer Space
  171. Susanne Matthews Blog Tour for All for Love / Giving Away Two $10 Gift Cards
  172. Giving away an e-book of Mountain of Love and Danger during Excerpt Tuesday
  173. Christine Lindsay Gives Away an e-Book for Each Title in Trilogy
  174. Christian Romance Blog Tour / Rodeo Reunion /Book Giveways / Prize
  175. Meet Sarah, the Bumbling Angel - Cute New Book in Gay Lewis's Sarah Adventures
  176. Fun Presentation for Stopped Cold on Book Readers Heaven
  177. Free for a Limited Time - Mountain of Love and Danger
  178. Brooke Williams New Release Tour for Mamarazzi
  179. Great Books, Exotic Tea, Contest and Prizes Coming Up for the Christmas Celebration!
  180. Easy Sweet Potato Casserole / Mountain of Love and Danger Review / Tea Tip
  181. The Love of Christmas
  182. Win Eight Ounces of Exotic Loose Leaf Tea
  183. Stopped Cold
  184. What the Readers Say about Stopped Cold and Last Chance to Enter to Win the Tea
  185. The Secret Ingredients in My Pecan Pie / Mountain of Love and Danger Contest
  186. Excerpt from Mountain of Love and Danger
  187. Messages: Poems and Short Stories to Live By Release Day! Trife Recipe
  188. Messages Excerpts / Free Promotion on Amazon Coming Dec. 12th
  189. Gift Book, Just in Time for Christmas, Readers' Comments
  190. Kindle copies of Messages: Poems and Short Stories to Live By FREE today - Monday
  191. The Greatest Gift
  192. Great Spending Time with You for Christmas - Re-capping Three Books
  193. Merry Christmas Everyone!!
  194. Love Is Not Easily Angered, 1 Cor. 13: 5, Breaking Barriers, Bk 8 in Love Is...Series
  195. Two Great Deals - e-Book on Sale and Upcoming Giveaway
  196. Mountain of Love and Danger .99 cents a Few More Days!
  197. Humbled / Excited By Readers' Favorite Review of Barely Above Water - On Sale .99
  198. Good Stuff from Gail's Book Nook Coming Soon - e-Book Giveaway
  199. FREE READ: Lost and Found at Christmas, A Barely Above Water Short Story
  200. Stopped Cold Happy New Year Sale and Free Smashwords Code
  201. Happy New Year! New Year's Resolutions -- Choose Kindness
  202. FREE e-Books and SALE e-Book
  203. Have a Wonderful, Blessed Easter