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  1. Miss Mae at the June Jubilee!
  2. I'll be showing off my Mardi Gras masks at the June Jubilee
  3. Chance to win a deluxe Zorro cape for your next masquerade
  4. Book Sale - MAY ONLY!
  5. Finished my edits on "It's Elementary, My Dear Winifred"
  6. June Jubilee for WP authors here
  7. Sharon
  8. Goodreads Giveaway: PREDETERMINED ENDINGS by Destiny Booze
  9. The Story Behind Destiny Booze's THE CURSE OF A MIND
  10. Behind the scenes of Book Publisher, Whimsical Publications!
  11. January Basket Raffle – For a Good Cause! – Includes Great Books!
  12. The 2011 Follower Love Giveaway Hop
  13. Goodreads Giveaway!
  14. Come chat with us!
  15. What inspired Destiny to write her first novel?
  16. May's Character Interview Blog Bash!
  17. Autism Awareness Giveaway Hop
  18. Whimsical Publications All Day Author Chat
  19. Welcome to May’s Character Interview Blog Bash!
  20. Learn more about Author Destiny Booze
  21. Destiny's Beach Blog Party at Author Roast and Toast!
  22. Chat with the authors of Whimsical Publications on 6/23/11!
  23. Which of my characters is my favorite?
  24. August E-book Sale! 50% Off!
  25. Chat with the authors of Whimsical Publications!
  26. ‘True Fiction’ – What is it?
  27. And they pop up here on Paris Label Circus Company
  28. Barely Above Water - New Contemporary Romance .99 on pre-order