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  1. Glad You could join me.
  2. New Website
  3. October release for "The First-Born"
  4. Edits Done
  5. Release Day October 7th
  6. "The First Born" is on sale!
  7. Back to Work
  8. Finished at last
  9. Coasting
  10. November Contest
  11. Roll on 2011!
  12. Addiction
  13. The Alliance
  14. Cover art for "The Alliance"
  15. Updated Website
  16. The Alliance is active
  17. Something long overdue
  18. A fascinating journey backwards in time.
  19. A diversion
  20. Back to writing!
  21. The first draft of Coasting is finished
  22. The Alliance has been reviewed
  23. My annual contest is live!
  24. Another year over
  25. The future is always uncertain
  26. The long voyage
  27. Coasting has a cover!
  28. Release day for "Coasting" and a competition
  29. An interview and a post at the Pen & Muse
  30. The sweetest reviews of all
  31. Another valued review from a contemporary
  32. A difficult love affair
  33. Offshore update
  34. The Sapphire Sea and a Maritime Tragedy
  35. A conundrum
  36. A plug for Amy
  37. Fifty Years!
  38. Mitchell's Run has a cover
  39. The Sapphire Sea has set sail towards publication
  40. Progress
  41. Real life seagoing is still a mystery to most people
  42. Another glimpse into reality at sea
  43. A small hiccup.
  44. A small delay
  45. Frustration
  46. A light at the end of the tunnel...or a train coming?
  47. Reviews, and how to get them.
  48. "Coasting" is a Finalist!
  49. Busy, busy, busy...
  50. Mitchell's Run Reviews
  51. The Sapphire Sea has its first review
  52. The Sapphire Sea is a Rone Award Nominee
  53. Moving On
  54. The Last survivor
  55. The evolution of a story
  56. Almost There
  57. The First Born reviews
  58. Home is the Sailor comes out January 1st 2015