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  1. The Black Plague
  2. So many books, so little time!
  3. A big THANKS...and another book for ya!
  4. Great new cover...award...and ever more books!
  5. Gettin' a little goofy now...
  6. Love beyond forty...and beyond the Plague.
  7. Christmas ~ joyful...or maddening?
  8. Big, Fat, Juicy, 12-Author Holiday Contest
  9. Who gives a crap about the EPPIES?
  10. Best Movie Romance Ever, Ever, Ever
  11. A Fantasy & Tarot Day with Ellora's Cave Authors
  12. New Books ~ Changeling, Ellora's Cave
  13. Why do interviews make my face red?
  14. TORMENTED, the sequel to Plagued
  15. OBSESSED, sequel to Plagued & Tormented
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  17. Please join me!
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  19. Alphabet Authors CONTEST!!!!!
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  21. Something Wicked, Something Sizzly, Something Intense, and Something Pretty
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