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  1. Hey Keri
  2. Help I am new at this
  3. Winning the Contest
  4. Brenda Novak diabetes auction
  5. any books that you can recommend??
  6. If Riley cant have him can I?
  7. The Ripple Creek Werewolf Series
  8. If you're interested...
  9. Are we goona see anymore of Destiny and Trae?
  10. The Nikki and Michael Series
  11. Lifemate Connections
  12. Bound to shadows?
  13. Query for Q&A
  14. Just Can't Wait for the Next Book!
  15. OMG one more day till Moon Sworn!!!!!! I'm sooooo excited!
  16. Deleted Scenes/Cut Pages
  17. Any plans to visit UK for book signings?
  18. May 19th/20th chat and giveaway
  19. Keri Arthur
  20. hwawrejko
  21. any chance of coming to canberra?
  22. MAY 19th Chat Winners