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  6. Incognito project.
  7. My book is out!! Woohooo!!! *takes a deep breath*
  8. FAR Interview of yours truly!
  9. My first book review!!!!
  10. Join us Tuesday Night March 20th!
  11. New Excerpt, Completely reworked!!! For the Watchers
  12. Lessoned Still Learning...I missed my own chat.
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  14. Crazy is not just a state of mind.
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  16. Calling all voters! lol
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  18. Why yes I am a writer.
  19. The evils of blogging
  20. The voices......of characters attack late at night lol
  21. Playing on the computer!
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  23. Huge Surge!
  24. Prophecy of the Boar Excerpt
  25. Smoke & Mirrors
  26. The Seventh Legend
  27. Reel to Real Excerpt
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  29. Extended Excerpt: Touch of Fire --
  30. It started at the airport.......
  31. What do you get when you shove 300 people in one room?
  32. New Review for Torrid Teasers 44! WHOOHOOO!
  33. Odyssey In Reading.....starting April 1
  34. New Blog up.....oooh and is it gooood.
  35. The Rabbit says to the Reindeer
  36. Updating.....
  37. New Look and Upcoming Chat!!
  38. Blogging about an author's wicked temptation.....chocolate.
  39. Journey to the Center of the Earth....well Louisiana at least
  40. Journey to the Center of Louisiana. Part 2
  41. Journey to the Center of Louisiana - Part 3- Finale
  42. Weird...yes it is....
  43. When the Muse talks back....
  44. Mardi Gras in Puerto Rico!!!! WOOOHOOO
  45. Blogging at Romance Junkies..and a Special Note
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  47. Attack of the Alter Ego
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  51. He's just not that into you.....
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  56. Woohoo Freedom!!!!
  57. Whirlwind a Wow
  58. Comments Needed to help a fellow writer.
  59. Fun with Dee
  60. Chupa-what? Nah its just a dog.
  61. So what does Tuesday mean?
  62. Its been a while...coming to realizations.
  63. Updating the bejeezus out of Blogger....
  64. Caridad Piñeiro dropping by the Jademystique.
  65. Blogging Tomorrow, Caridad Piñeiro
  66. Echoes & Illusions Anthology –Mila Ramos- (Paranormal/Time Travel)
  67. Its a blog swap & Thursday 13 with Caridad Piñeiro
  68. Two New Interviews Up.
  69. Betwitching Book Tours in April
  70. My Book Tour Buttons.....
  71. Echoes and Illusions Tour Officially Launched!
  72. Echoes and Illusions still touring! Two-fer....
  73. Echoes and Illusions goes Unwritten......
  74. Echoes and Illusions Tour at The Australian Bookshelf!
  75. Echoes and Illusions with Jacqueline Paige!
  76. Giveaway Week!!!
  77. April 20th at Just Views....
  78. And the tour winds down....
  79. Tour Finale
  80. Listening to some pretty great music
  81. Welcome as the Melange Authors take my blog by storm!
  82. Melange Authors continue their take-over!
  83. Nick Howard at the Mystique.
  84. Wonderful authors, great reads!
  85. Already Tuesday? Things are just hoppin' at The Mystique!
  86. Ending the month in style with Melange Authors
  87. Update: Month of Marvelous November 6th -December 17
  88. Final Calendar Update for Month of Melange!!!
  89. Come one, come all to the Month of Marvelous!
  90. Welcome the Melange Authors Blog and Contest
  91. Welcome the Melange Authors and Contest!
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  99. The Apocalypse Gene....at my blog
  100. A Free Book Copy for this book deal!
  101. Join me and Christopher Meeks in his prize giveaway!
  102. I love giveaways!
  103. VERY Special Guest E. Van Lowe at my blog. So honored!
  104. If ya'll don't sign up I hope I GET the Amazon gift card! LOL
  105. Some great contests this way comes.