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  1. A little more about me
  2. A good Book
  3. No Luck At All
  4. Back From Summer Break
  5. Review for No Luck At All
  6. Zanna's Outlaw
  7. Lydia's Gunslinger
  8. A little bit of Everything
  9. Modern Life
  10. 4th of July Sale
  11. Luck of the Draw--Excerpt
  12. Lady Luck--Excerpt
  13. No Luck At All--Excerpt
  14. Zanna's Outlaw--Excerpt
  15. Lydia's Gunslinger--Excerpt
  16. What Makes For A Hero
  17. Debra's Bandit
  18. Meet Buck and Roth
  19. Meet Gage Cantrell
  20. Keeping Track of Details Within A Series
  21. Keeping Up With The Times
  22. Christmas Miracles
  23. Outlaw Trail
  24. Debra's Bandit Book Tour Stop
  25. Black Lion Tours and Debra's Bandit
  26. Book Tour Stop at Bunnies Reviews
  27. Book Tour Stop with Debra's Bandit
  28. Book Tour with Debra's Bandit
  29. Thanksgiving Memories (A little late but I was sick last week.)
  30. The Holiday Season
  31. Weston Family Series
  32. Revolving Point, Texas Series
  33. A New Year
  34. Fun Facts About Me
  35. My Sweetheart of a Guy
  36. Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone
  37. A Mind At Work
  38. Easter Blessings
  39. Don't Sweat The Small Stuff
  40. Meet My Brothers
  41. Off For The Summer
  42. My new 'Blog' home
  43. BACK-TO-SCHOOL SALE: Weston Family Series
  44. BACK TO SCHOOL SALE: Revolving Point, Texas Series
  45. Back-To-School Sale: Final 2 Days
  46. Christmas Hearts