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  1. The Magic of Lavender, paranormal romance novel
  2. Seventh Heaven, Sixties-era short romance
  3. The Bridge Between, contemporary novel
  4. Follow the Stars Home, historical Native American romance
  5. Clio's Choice, dark paranormal
  6. The Duende and the Muse, short fantasy
  7. Design for Life, Flower Basket Series contemporary
  8. Going with Gravity, contemporary romance
  9. Just the Right Amount of Wrong, interracial contemporary
  10. Angels, Sinners and Madmen, historical romance novel
  11. Surfacing, contemporary fantasy
  12. Picture This, contemporary
  13. Rock Bottom, contemporary rocking romance!
  14. San Francisco Dreams, historical novella
  15. Soul for Sale, paranormal novella
  16. Writing Off the Past, short contemporary chick lit