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  1. Accident Waiting to Happen by Trinity Hart
  2. Her Only Hope by Kat Jones
  3. A Saint Comes Stumbling In!
  4. Marked in Mexico
  5. The Apple Tree
  6. Still Sweet on You by Kat Jones
  7. Sarah's Bounty by Terri Crews
  8. Escape to Big Fork Lake
  9. New Release: Desperate Dreams
  10. New Release: Desperate Dreams
  11. Sam's Treasure
  12. A Hero's Homecoming by Carlene Havel
  13. Big Horn Storm by Kim McMahill
  14. New Release: Sarah: A Mission of Love
  15. Seeking Patience by Josie Riviera
  16. The Christmas Answer
  17. Three Gifts by Claire Sanders
  18. The Ring That Binds
  19. Daughter of the King by Carlene Havel and Sharon Faucheux
  20. Heart-strong by Bonnie McCune
  21. Homerun by Ruth Roberts
  22. Like a Lily by Victoria Pitts-Caine
  23. New Release: Garret (Sweet Home #1)
  24. New Release: Family Matters by Georgina Sellwood
  25. Daddy Wanted by Penelope Marzec
  26. Cairo by Victoria Pitts-Caine
  27. Shrouded by Secrets by Kim McMahill
  28. Stone of Destiny by Mary L Ball
  29. Here Today Gone Tomorrow by Carlene Havel
  30. Autumn Blessing by Dvora Waysman
  31. The Captive Bird by Claire Sanders
  32. Runaway Hearts by Karen Cogan
  33. Promo: The Gingerbread House by Jacqueline Hopper
  34. Brave New Century
  35. Four New Heartwarming Holiday Releases!
  36. Fools Gold
  37. Witcha'be
  38. The Love Thief
  39. The Last Detail
  40. Sweet Home: Gabriel by Jayna Morrow
  41. Winter Watch by Anita Klumpers
  42. Patriot's Heart by Penelope Marzec
  43. Destined for Deception by Sandra Tilley and Suzanne Purvis
  44. The Tempering Agent by Victoria Pitts Caine
  45. Northern Lights by Sharon McGregor
  46. Worth Her Weight in Gold
  47. Legacy & Love by Paula Mowery
  48. Now & Forever by Kate Lane and Terri Mann
  49. The Lion Awakens by Buffy Andrews
  50. Sweet Home: Holden by Jayna Morrow
  51. Love Jayna Morrow's Sweet Home Series? Meet Holden! OUT NOW!
  52. Bullet in the Night by Judith Rolfs
  53. Sarah and the Internet Dating Service by Gay N Lewis
  54. Dizzy Blonde by Anna Marie Kittrell
  55. Border Love by Alice Wootson
  56. Love's Strong Shelter by Kevin Mark Smith
  57. Abiding Flame by Pauline Creeden
  58. Falling Like a Rock
  59. Sarah and the Scary Ferris Wheel
  60. Hush in the Storm
  61. The Wish List Addiction
  62. Quicksilver to Gold by Lynn Lovegreen
  63. A Secret Life by Lee Carver
  64. The Scarlet Cord by Carlene Havel and Sharon Faucheux
  65. Diamond Heiress by Ruth Roberts
  66. Sarah and a Dad for Mandy by Gay N Lewis
  67. The Forgotten Princess of Elmetia by Rachel A. James
  68. Autumn Dreams by Sharon McGregor
  69. Lineage by Anna Marie Kittrell
  70. A Bride for the Sheriff by Jewell Tweedt
  71. Golden Days by Lynn Lovegreen
  72. Redemption in Big Fork Lake
  73. Love Takes Flight
  74. The Christmas Journal by Kimberly B. Jackson
  75. Legitimate Lies
  76. Baxter Road by Carlene Havel
  77. Accept This Dandelion
  78. Not Bound By Time By Victoria Pitts-Caine
  79. Ella's Rain by Buffy Andrews
  80. Acres of Dreams
  81. Pesto and Potholes by Susan M. Baganz
  82. Hidden Storms by Nancy Shew Bolton
  83. Amanda Running Scared by Georgina Sellwood
  84. The Last Princess of Meigen
  85. A Dose of Danger by Kim McMahill
  86. Fiona's Knight of Dreams by Sharon McGregor
  87. Patriot's Pride by Penelope Marzec
  88. The Rancher Takes a Cook y Misty M. Beller
  89. Gold Nuggets by Lynn Lovegreen
  90. To Soar om Eagle's Wings by Renee Blare
  91. A Firefly Life by Linda Shew Wolf
  92. Border Danger by Alice Wootson
  93. Restored
  94. Mamarazzi
  95. A Lady for the Lawman
  96. Storm Season
  97. Reviving Jules
  98. Freed to Forgive
  99. Shattered Trust
  100. Seasons of Love by Andrea Boeshaar
  101. Outlaw Jack by Terri Crews
  102. Time Tsunami by Danele j. Rotharmel
  103. Salsa and Speed Bumps by Susan M. Baganz
  104. Clue Into Kindness
  105. Greener Grasses by Julie B Cosgrove
  106. A Work in Progress by Nancy Shew Bolton
  107. Sarah and a Date for Mackenzie by Gay N. Lewis
  108. Magnolia Kale by Emily Paige Skeen
  109. Everything About You by Lisa J. Lickel
  110. A Taste of Tragedy
  111. Barely Above Water