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  1. You Recall Me Snogging You WHERE???
  2. Snog Me, Snog Me Not, Spank Me, Spank Me N--...Oh Yeah!!! Spank Me, Please!
  3. Blissemas Is Coming!
  4. Party With Me This Thursday, 11/17! Prizes!
  5. Six Sentence Sunday
  6. Seven On Friday: Should I Create A Contest?
  7. It's TYME For Six Sentence Sunday!
  8. Giving Thanks: Buffy, Kraft Mac & Cheese, and Strawberry Pop-Tarts
  9. A Quickie On Tuesday
  10. In The Spirit Of Black Friday: In Sync With Their Kink
  11. Six Sentence Sunday: Hanky-Spanky
  12. Flogging...Woops! -- Blogging at TRS Blue Today: Please Join Me!
  13. Celebrating A New Book Contract!
  14. Night Owl Reviews Winter Wonderland Web Hunt!
  15. It's Here! Day 1 of Blissemas!
  16. Six Sentence Sunday: Woman On Top
  17. Warm Up With Black Raven Reviews Erotic Cafe
  18. Blissemas, Day 4: A Sunday Snog
  19. Wednesday At TRS: I'm Giving A Book Away!
  20. Total-E-Bound 'Yuletide Yearnings' Contest
  21. A Sherman Tank In My Tree
  22. Six Sentence Sunday: Awww...Can I Just Be Naked?
  23. Thank You....
  24. Blogging Monday, 12/12, Here At CTR!
  25. Blissemas, Day 12: A Book Launch!
  26. Celebrating Four Stars From Night Owl Reviews!
  27. Bound To Him: No, Really...He Tied Her Up!
  28. A New Sunday Snog: Blissemas, Day 18!
  29. A Holiday Gift From Me To You!
  30. Just One More Day! Blissemas, Day 21
  31. Win the Top 100 -- yes, 100! -- Amazon eBooks!
  32. Happy New Year! Win $100.00 Worth of Books!
  33. Hunting Season Is Still Open!
  34. Join Me For An Extended New Year Celebration!
  35. My Guest Today Wants to Know "Whatever Makes Your Pip Squeak"
  36. Sunny Skies And Vampires
  37. The Romance Studio: An Interview
  38. Why THIS Friday Is Indeed Frightful!
  39. Technical Difficulties: Please Stay Tuned!
  40. Everything's Back UP (Just the Way I Like it!)
  41. A Tuesday's Twosome With Victoria Blisse -- And A Spot Prize!
  42. Winding Down Winter Wonderland & Celebrating Hump Day
  43. It's A "Bite Me!" Sort of Day
  44. A Frightful(ly funny) Friday the Thirteenth!
  45. Feelin' Gay 'Cause It's Saturday: Sneak Peek & Free eBook!
  46. Six Sentence Sunday: Oh, Solo Me...Ooohhh!
  47. Extra! Extra! If You Like your Men In - And Out! -Of Uniform....
  48. Two Days of Book Give-A-Ways From My Guests!
  49. Feeling Drained? Stop By For A Thirsty Thursday!
  50. Dance With Me
  51. Suz deMello Is Steaming Up My Blog!
  52. An Interview at CTR With the Wondrous Cherokee -- and A Sneak Peak At Some Good News!
  53. This Is IT! The Final Frightful Friday of My New Year Celebration Is HERE!
  54. A No Sex Sexy Saturday (WTF...!) & eBook Give-A-Way With TC Archer
  55. Ride Me...With Your Helmet On! Six Sentences On Sunday & An eBook Give-A-Way
  56. Manic Minute Monday & eBook Give-A-Way With T.C. Archer
  57. Last Day for a Red Hot Valentine's Blog Hot! Join Us To WIN!
  58. A Sunday Snog 'N Flog
  59. It's Cloud Nine Time When The Inbox Holds A New Contract!
  60. Take A Break From Your Routine: A Manic Minute Monday
  61. Monday Again Already? A Manic Minute Monday & Book Give-A-Way With Victoria Blisse!
  62. Lovin' My New Cover Art!
  63. In The Bedroom With...Nancy Adams (And Her Time-Travelling Soldier)
  64. Tuesday Is Looking Up: Suz deMello and a Free Read!
  65. "This Sucks...!" A Six Sentence Sunday Post
  66. Spring Is Here And The Hunt Is ON At Night Owl Reviews!
  67. Open Mic Night: Singin' The Blues With Lisabet Sarai
  68. Saturday Sucks On My Blog With Victoria Blisse And Her Vampires!
  69. Cup of Joe for Those In Uniform
  70. Morticia Knight Joins Me for The Merry Month of May I Suck Your...
  71. Laugh, Cry, & Root For True Love!
  72. Release Day! Woo hoo!
  73. A Manic Minute Monday...On Tuesday!
  74. Summer Fun Is Here! Happy Hunting With Night Owl Reviews!
  75. Dancing Queen: Join Me For Another Sexy Six Sentence Sunday!
  76. Oh, That First Impression!
  77. Back With A New Release: A Hot Historical For These Sultry Summer Nights!
  78. Oh, Those Naughty Words: Total-E-Bound's Clandestine Classics!
  79. The Lady Is A (Water) Nymph: Join Me For Six Sentence Sunday!
  80. It's A Party!
  81. One Final Six Sentence Sunday For July!
  82. It's A Blue Thursday...TRS Blue, That Is!
  83. A Six In TYME
  84. Books For Bunnies! Help A Great Cause And WIN!
  85. Bound To Him: Six Sentence Sunday
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  90. A Wet & Wild Six Sentence Sunday
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  92. Good Things, Tall Packages -- and a Gift Card!
  93. A Sweet & Tender Six
  94. A Sexy, Magical Three With Jessica Subject!
  95. Nancy Adams and The Soul Within -- Plus a Gift Card Give-A-Way!