View Full Version : Double D3 Reports

  1. The Quirky Eye for the Romantic Guy
  2. Is It Time to Bite?
  3. The New Oral Sex?
  4. Finding that Paranormal Date
  5. Yanking the Monkey
  6. Karma Suit Ya
  7. Flat Out Heroism
  8. Bite and Make-Up
  9. Bedside Manners
  10. Rooting for the heroine
  11. Making Out at The Movies
  12. Samhain Shenanigans
  13. Making a Break
  14. Here She Is!
  15. Pulling it Out in Time
  16. A Nibble on Valentines.
  17. Don't go Fishing in the Moat
  18. How long should it be?
  19. Covering Up!
  20. Don't Fight the Dust Bunnies
  21. Reading Your Heroes Right
  22. The best day to stay in bed.
  23. Grilling Your Hero?