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  84. Watch Out: Author Janice Seagraves
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  106. My new Logo Reveal
  107. Monday Music
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  109. Very Important Warning Regarding My Books..Please Read
  110. Book Warning Update
  111. Book Warning Update #2
  112. Cover Reveal
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  133. Cover Reveal: Cinnamon Hearts by Savannah Chase
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  136. Happy Easter/Passover
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  145. Staying Organized..What Am I To Do?
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  160. Flash Fiction Friday #2
  161. Stories of Romance Spotlight
  162. Monday Music: Infernal
  163. Happy Hump Day
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  165. Flash Fiction Friday
  166. Happy Anniversary CTR
  167. A Little Man Candy to Start Off The Day
  168. What are you currently reading?
  169. Bid for Love excerpt
  170. A Beautiful Journey Through The Pages
  171. Happy Mother's Day
  172. A Afternoon Hello
  173. Unwrap Me blurb...indulge the fantasy
  174. Contest Time: Glass Pendant Necklace
  175. Unwrap Me excerpt...Hunger...and fire
  176. How Well Do You Know Vampires
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  178. Naughty Morning Wake Up Call (Man Candy)
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  190. What is your Japanese Name?
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  219. What Is The Soundtrack Of Your Life
  220. Afternoon eye candy video...take it off...all off officer....
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  222. Even Hotter Dads: The DILF Anthology 2....excerpt and blub
  223. Thank you
  224. Handcrafted Bookmark Contest Winner
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  233. Flash Fiction Friday: Melt Away
  234. I Won't Say Sorry For Being Me
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