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  1. Hello
  2. My new book Bid For Love is now out
  3. Bid For Love book trailer
  4. First Review/ New Interview @ Red Roses For Authors
  5. I'm in the spotlight
  6. Bestseller
  7. I Won
  8. Very Sad News
  9. 2008 Chasing RT Video Tour
  10. Bid For Love....LAST DAY to get your copy
  11. Chasing RT Tour Almost Over
  12. Happy 1st Birthday...Big PArty With Authors
  13. Someone started a Savannah Chase Fan Club
  14. Another sale
  15. Romance Novels...Not Me.....Never
  16. Get inspired...with some hunks...Thursday 13
  17. When I Grow Up......I Want To Dream
  18. Happy Hump Day
  19. You're Invited To Author Corner with Larriane Wills
  20. Savannah Chase' Official SHOP
  21. June 27th All Author Bash
  22. Thursday 13 for June 26, 2008
  23. LAST DAY..PLEASE VOTE Bid For Love cover up for Readers Choice Award
  24. Author Corner with Cheryl Dragon.Tonight
  25. Red Rose Publishing Scavenger Hunt
  26. Come Jpin Us At The Lyrical Press Yahoo Loop
  27. Happy 4th of July
  28. Nice and Naughty Variety Blog
  29. 2 for1 Author Corner
  30. Author Corner with Marie Rochelle
  31. Blog Me Baby One More Time
  32. Thursday 13.....Coffee anyone?
  33. Midnight Seductions Summer Bash
  34. All Work and So Much Play
  35. Author Corner with Denyse Bridger
  36. Midnight Seductions @ Night Owl Live Chat
  37. nice and Naughty...I'm a Gamer
  38. Bid For Love release parties
  39. Bid For Love in the Spotlight
  40. My meeting with Sherrilyn Kenyon
  41. Driving Manners...????
  42. Fetish???? What Makes You HOT??????
  43. I have taken over.....
  44. Trailer Trash Tuesday
  45. Day 2 of my Taking over The Morgan Diaries
  46. Let me get you all HOT!!!!
  47. You found Savannah Chase where???? New Interview
  48. Classic Discovery While Away....New Blog
  49. Author Corner with Selena Illyria
  50. New Book: Pleasure After The Pain..Now Available
  51. Tattoos????
  52. Attention Authors: Halloween PArty Promo OP
  53. Bid For Love Nominated For Book Of The Week
  54. Time To Vote for Bid For Love
  55. Author Corner with LaVerne Thompson
  56. Spotlights and Deadlines Oh My
  57. Author Corner with Naomi James
  58. October Contest: What's Your Pleasure
  59. Author Corner with Savannah Frierson
  60. Pleasure After The Pain nominated this weekend
  61. Author Corner with MAry Pope
  62. Live Chats This week
  63. All Day Author Corner: Linda Sole and friends
  64. October Flasher---Forget Me Not
  65. Author Chat with Me
  66. Author Corner with Jade Twilight
  67. Author Corner with Selena Illyria and Friends
  68. Author Corner with Yvonne Eve Walus
  69. 2008 Everything To Do With Sex Show
  70. Get your Scare On
  71. Naughty Cakes and Body Paint..PArt 3 Everything To Do With Sex Show
  72. Part 4 of the Everything To Do With Sex Show
  73. Dancer,s, Toys and Tattoos...Part 5 of the Everything To Do With Sex Show
  74. Treasure Trove Charity Chat
  75. Seductions and Erotic Fashion....Part 6 Everything To Do With Sex Show
  76. I got Nominated for 6 REC Awards
  77. Author Corner with Raine Delight
  78. So Many Goodies
  79. My blog has been taken over by Selena
  80. Nice and Naughty...Improvement
  81. Author Corner with Esther Mitchell
  82. Author Corner with AJ Hampton
  83. Author corner with Amber Leigh Williams
  84. Don't You Wish You Could Stop Time
  85. My Adventure With 4 Hunks
  86. Global Challenges For Authors
  87. Author Corner with Maura Anderson
  88. Economic Spending
  89. The personal side of Jeff
  90. Author Corner with Adrianne Brennan
  91. Manic Readers Interview
  92. Need Feedback Please.... on Designs
  93. Goals and Resolutions
  94. Author Corner with Selena Illeria
  95. Out Now: Men In Shorts: An Erotic Anthology
  96. OMG I Won.....WOW
  97. Author Corner with Belinda McBride
  98. New Release: One Touch One Glance A Sweet Romance Anthology
  99. He's On The Menu by Savannah Chase Excerpt
  100. That cost how much?
  101. Author Corner with Adriana Kraft
  102. Come party today..XMAS BASH
  103. Author Corner with Jane Beckenham
  104. Preditors and Editors..8 Nominations
  105. 2008 LR Cafe Nominations
  106. LRC Awards..Voting Now OPEN
  107. Nominated for a New Covey Award
  108. Nominated for 2008 Golden Rose Awards
  109. The Battlestar's Last Mission
  110. Music To My Ears.....and my books...Guest blogging
  111. Guest Chatting Tonight at LRC
  112. I'm back/ New Release: Hot Dads The DILF Anthology
  113. Ravenous Romance Reader's Group Celebration
  114. Twitter contest
  115. The Power of Twitter..New Blog
  116. The RR Ornery Eleven Blog Tour
  117. The Writing Life...Author C. Margery Kempe takes over my blog
  118. I've Invaded WookWenches for Ravenous Romance Ornery 11 Blog Tour
  119. Chatting at LoveRomanceCafe Tonight
  120. Guest Blogger Author Courtney Sheets talks Hawaiian Mythology
  121. Bid on me @ the Brenda Novak 2009 Diabetes Auction
  122. Happy Mother's Day
  123. Come play with us..Live Chat
  124. Inspire Me Any Way You Want
  125. Trinity Blacio Author Corner
  126. You know you have time for a QUICKIE...Dawn Jackson guest blogs at my place
  127. Kissa Starling Author Corner
  128. MSA chat Live at Night Owl Tonight
  129. The NEW Savannah Chase Web Site
  130. Time for some R and R..You need it...Guest blogging
  131. Interview at The Lovestruck Novice
  132. Men In Shorts: An Erotic Anthology nominated for New Covey Award
  133. What is reality? How far will you go?
  134. Hot Dads: The DILF Anthology Nominated for Covey Award
  135. Stefan Pinto Talks Fitness and Being in Playgirl Magazine.New guest blogger with pics
  136. Memories Last Forever
  137. PROMO OP: Bookings For Guest Bloggers ReOPEN
  138. Halloween Promo Op for Authors/Publishers
  139. Kayelle Allen Author Corner Tonight
  140. 3RD Annual Halloween Author Bash Hosted by Savannah Chase
  141. News: OMG I'm in Print
  142. Hot Dads: The DILF Anthology up for Book of the Week
  143. They are here.........Huge SQUEE
  144. Cat Johnson brings you Private Lies with 28 Days of Heart
  145. K.F Zuzulo talks about What Makes Your Heart Beat with 28 Days of Heart
  146. 28 Days of Heart: Mari Carr Tells you who's Mad About Meg
  147. 28 Days of Heart: Tilly Greene tells you Is Any Of this Real
  148. Europe in Photo's: University at Night
  149. 28 Days of Heart: Marcia James Explores Love Unleashed
  150. 12 Days of Love: Savannah Chase talks How Love Can Make You Crazy
  151. 28 Days of Heart: Leigh Ellwood takes you on a ride with her GPS
  152. Valentine's Day Sale @ Freya's Bower
  153. 28 Days Of Heart: Jackie Kessler brings you Hell's Angel
  154. 28 Days of Heart:Samantha Sommersby adds a Touch Of Fire
  155. 28 Days of Heart: A look into the life of E. Cameron Stacy
  156. 28 Days of Heart: Barbara J Hancock talks Romance and Heat with Heart
  157. 28 Days of Heart: Cornelia Amiri is Calling All Warriors At Heart
  158. 28 Days of Heart: Michele Hart...A Closer Look
  159. 28 Days of Heart: Sylvia Shults talks super powers and romance
  160. MC Halliday Author Corner
  161. Europe Update from Savannah's travels
  162. New Blog:What Am I Chopped Liver????
  163. New Blog: Embrace What You Have, Be Sexy Be Curvy
  164. Introducing: Watch Out For Me
  165. Watch Out For Me: A Glimpse Inside A Dancers World
  166. Music Monday
  167. New Blog: A Little Soccer Action Part 1
  168. New Blog: A Little Soccer Action Part 2
  169. New Blog: A Little Soccer Action Part 3
  170. New Blog: A Little Soccer Action Part 4 (Last Part)
  171. WATCH OUT featuring Amber Leigh Williams
  172. Music Monday: Sept 6, 2010
  173. Watch Out: Author Stephanie Haefner
  174. Music Monday: Sept 13, 2010
  175. Watch Out: Take a Walk on the Dark Side with Bertena Varney a real vampire professor
  176. HELP Contrac/Legal Advice /Help Needed
  177. Watch Out: Author Giselle Renarde talks No Limits
  178. New Blog: Make A Difference Stop The Violence
  179. My New Lost Girl Addiction
  180. Watch Out: Author Clare Dargin
  181. Watch Out: Luxie Ryder
  182. Watch Out: Casey Sheridan
  183. New Cover for Taste of Passion
  184. Taste of Passion TRAILER
  185. Watch Out: Author Jessica Chambers
  186. Thursday 13
  187. Taste of Passion release and EXCLUSIVE
  188. Music Monday Nov 1, 2010
  189. Taste of Passion now available
  190. Autumn Harvest Web Hunt
  191. Thursday 13: Reasons Why Sex Is Good For You
  192. Music Monday Nov 8, 2010
  193. Watch Out: Author Kelley Heckart
  194. Happy Hump Day
  195. Thursday 13 for Nov 11, 2010
  196. Watch Out: J Morgan
  197. Thursday 13 for November 18, 2010
  198. 2010 Everything To Do With Sex Show Coverage
  199. Watch Out: Lisa Fox
  200. New Blog: You won a trip SCAM Warning
  201. Happy Hump Day
  202. 2010 Everything To Do With Sex Show Coverage Part 1
  203. Thursday 13
  204. 2010 Everything To Do With Sex Show Coverage Part 2
  205. 2010 Everything To Do With Sex Show Coverage Part 3
  206. Good News: Sale
  207. 2010 Everything To Do With Sex Show Coverage Part 4
  208. 2010 Everything To Do With Sex Show Part 5
  209. Music Monday: La Roux
  210. 2010 Everything To Do With Sex Show Coverage Part 6 (Last Day/Contest)
  211. Watch Out: Author Gina Gordon
  212. Thursday 13
  213. Watch Out: Jocelyn Devon
  214. Author Corner Invitation
  215. Thursday 13 for Dec 9, 2010
  216. Watch Out: Actress Wendii Fulford
  217. Monday Music for Dec 13, 2010
  218. Watch Out interview with Toronto Firefighter/Fitness Model Matt Trudeau
  219. Coffee Time Romance review of Taste of Passion
  220. Author Corner Event Today on the Savannah Chase Loop @ 12pm Est
  221. Music Monday for Dec 20, 2010
  222. Watch Out interview with author Yolanda Sfetsos
  223. Thursday 13 for Dec 23, 2010
  224. Merry Christmas
  225. Watch Out interview with Lux Zakari
  226. Watch Out interview with author Elizabeth Loraine
  227. Thursday 13 for Dec 30, 2010
  228. Romancing The NEw Year Blog Hop
  229. Happy New Year
  230. Monday Music for Jan 3, 2011
  231. Watch Out interview with author Selena Illyria
  232. Happy Hump Day
  233. Thursday 13 for Jan 6, 2011
  234. Watch Out interview with award winning recording artist Danzel
  235. Watch Out interview with author Lainey Reese
  236. Cover Goodness for my book Unwrap Me
  237. Nominated for 2010 Preditors and Editors Readers Poll
  238. Thursday 13 for Jan 13, 2011
  239. PROMO OP for all
  240. Watch Out interview with Sondrae Bennett
  241. Watch Out interview with author Nerine Dorman
  242. Taste of Passion nominated for Preditors and Editors Poll (Ends Jan 26)
  243. Thursday 13 for Jan 27, 2011
  244. Watch Out interview with author David Nelson Bradsher
  245. Join me at Bringing in the New Year with Books and Coffee Time Romance Event today
  246. Watch Out interview with author Cathy Snoggles
  247. Spreading The Love Valentine Blog Hop/ Free read
  248. Watch Out interview with Playboy model Angelina Polska
  249. Happy Hump Day
  250. Watch Out interview with Bitten2ice