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  1. The Woo-woo Factor
  2. Wolf or Cat?
  3. What powers do you like your vampire to have?
  4. Middlemarch Mates
  5. Midnight Treat: Curse of Brandon Lupinus
  6. Price of Love
  7. Assassin - out now!
  8. Cat and Mouse - Out today!
  9. Cat Burglar - out 31 Dec
  10. Book Trailer: Leticia's Lovers
  11. A Nightclub Singer Falls in Love With the Enemy...
  12. Lynx to the Pharaoh is a Chosen Cover
  13. Make That Man Mine
  14. Lynx to the Pharaoh out today!
  15. CatNap
  16. Snippet Saturday: Dialogue
  17. Excerpt: Make That Man Mine
  18. Excerpt: Leticia's Lovers
  19. Excerpt: Tiger by The Tail
  20. Excerpt: Twin Trouble (out 1 April)
  21. Excerpt: Make That Man Mine
  22. Win a Print Copy of Tiger By the Tail